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PFS StandardFiddle of the MaestroItem 16

Legacy Content

Rare Coda Enchantment Occult Staff 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 136 1.1
Price 10,000 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
This exquisite fiddle is perfectly carved and balanced to produce the purest sound while granting its player perfect balance and poise. It grants a +2 item bonus to Performance checks. If you're a master in Performance, while playing it you also gain a +1 status bonus to Reflex saves and a +1 item bonus to Dexterity-based skill checks. If you're legendary in Performance, the bonuses are +2.

When you Perform with the fiddle, you can choose to create a harsh and discordant note. You critically fail the Performance check, shred the strings of the fiddle, and create an 8th-level sound burst, with a 40-foot emanation around you instead of a 10-foot burst. The fiddle can't be played again until the strings are replaced at a cost of 200 gp.

Activate Cast a Spell; Effect You expend a number of charges from this instrument to cast a spell from its list.

Craft Requirements Supply one casting of all listed levels of all listed spells.