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PFS StandardUrn of AshesItem 9

Legacy Content

Magical Necromancy Negative 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 264 2.0
Price 700 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk
This sealed pewter urn contains the ashes of a benevolent ancestor, with a sliver of lingering spirit that strives to protect you.

Activate [reaction] envision; Trigger You would become doomed or your doomed value would increase; Requirements The ashes aren't doomed; Effect The ashes in the urn intervene, taking the doomed condition in your place, and you don't gain or increase the value of your own doomed condition. Each night when you get a full night's rest, you can reduce your own doomed condition or that of the urn, but not both.

Activate [one-action] envision, Interact (attack); Frequency once per round; Effect The urn shoots a bolt of negative energy at a foe within 30 feet. Attempt a spell attack roll against the target's AC, using a modifier of +15 or your own spell attack roll modifier, whichever is higher. On a success, the bolt deals 4d4 negative damage (doubled on a critical success).