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Arcane Schools

Source Player Core pg. 198
Your arcane school is where you devoted yourself to the study of spellcraft. Whether you learned in the storied halls of a formal institution, via an apprenticeship with an archmage, or taught yourself from secondhand tomes, your arcane school indelibly set the curriculum and direction of your magic.

Curriculum Spells: You automatically add some of the spells listed in your school's curriculum to your spellbook. At 1st level, you add a cantrip and two 1st-rank spells of your choice. As soon as you gain the ability to cast wizard spells of a new rank, choose one of the spells from your curriculum of that rank to add to your spellbook. A superscript “U” indicates an uncommon spell. Your GM might allow you to swap or add other spells to your curriculum if they strongly fit the theme.
Spell Slots: Each day, you can prepare an extra cantrip from your curriculum. You also gain an extra spell slot at each spell rank for which you have wizard spell slots. You can prepare only spells from your school's curriculum in these extra slots. Any spell listed in your curriculum of a suitable spell rank is eligible to be prepared in each of these extra slots, regardless of how you added the spell to your spellbook.
School Spells: School spells are a type of focus spell. It costs 1 Focus Point to cast a focus spell, and you start with a focus pool of 1 Focus Point. You refill your focus pool during your daily preparations, and you can regain 1 Focus Point by spending 10 minutes using the Refocus activity to study your spellbook or conduct arcane research. Focus spells are automatically heightened to half your level rounded up, much like cantrips. Focus spells don't require spell slots, and you can't cast them using spell slots. Certain feats give you more focus spells. The maximum Focus Points your focus pool can hold is equal to the number of focus spells you have, but it can never be more than 3 points. The full rules for focus spells appear here.

You learn the initial school spell, which is unique to your school. You can learn the advanced school spell with the Advanced School Spell feat.

PFS StandardSchool of Ars Grammatica

Source Player Core pg. 198
Runes and wards, numbers and letters—they underpin all magic, making them the logical subject for a wizard who studies fundamental forces. Perhaps you studied at the Pathfinder Society's School of Spells or a similar institution, but whether you're lacing your words with magic to compel others, casting wards around your workshop, or destabilizing the very structure of an opponent's spells, you know this unassuming school carries elegant power.

cantrips: message, sigil
1st: command, disguise magic, runic body, runic weapon
2nd: dispel magic, translate
3rd: enthrall, veil of privacyU
4th: dispelling globeU, suggestion
5th: sending, truespeechU
6th: repulsion
7th: planar sealU
8th: quandary, unrelenting observation
9th: detonate magicU

School Spells
initial: protective wards
advanced: rune of observation

PFS StandardSchool of Battle Magic

Source Player Core pg. 199
Magic is power, and there are always those who will use power for the art of battle. You may have studied in the military of a nation of the brink of war—Cheliax and Andoran perhaps, or Geb and Nex. You summon whirling energies that can lay waste to both soldiers and armies, while being sure not to neglect arcane countermeasures for common tactical complications or the shields and defenses that keep combatants alive on the battlefield.

cantrips: shield, telekinetic projectile
1st: breathe fire, force barrage, mystic armor
2nd: mist, resist energy
3rd: earthbind, fireball
4th: wall of fire, weapon storm
5th: howling blizzard, impaling spike
6th: chain lightning, disintegrate
7th: energy aegis, true target
8th: arctic rift, desiccate
9th: falling stars

School Spells
initial: force bolt
advanced: energy absorption

PFS StandardSchool of Civic Wizardary

Source Player Core pg. 199
Whether you studied in Manaket's Occularium or the Academy of Applied Magic, you learned that the fruits of arcane studies—like any other field—should ultimately help the common citizen. You've learned the humble art of construction, of finding lost people and things, of moving speedily among buildings and moats—yet these same arts can be turned to demolition, and the constructs you animate to build bridges can just as easily tear them down.

cantrips: prestidigitation, read aura
1st: hydraulic push, pummeling rubble, summon construct
2nd: revealing light, water walk
3rd: cozy cabin, safe passage
4th: creation, unfettered movement
5th: control water, wall of stone
6th: disintegrate, wall of force
7th: planar palaceU, retrocognition
8th: earthquake, pinpointU
9th: foresight

School Spells
initial: earthworks
advanced: community restoration

PFS StandardSchool of Mentalism

Source Player Core pg. 200
As a scholar, you know all too well the importance of a sound mind. Thus, you attended a school—like the Farseer Tower or the Stone of the Seers—that taught the arts of befuddling lesser minds with figments and illusions or implanted sensations and memories.

cantrips: daze, figment
1st: dizzying colors, sleep, sure strike
2nd: illusory creature, stupefy
3rd: dream message, mind readingU
4th: nightmare, vision of death
5th: hallucination, illusory scene
6th: never mind, phantasmal calamity
7th: project image, warp mind
8th: disappearance, uncontrollable dance
9th: phantasmagoria

School Spells
initial: charming push
advanced: invisibility cloak

PFS StandardSchool of Protean Form

Source Player Core pg. 200
The uninitiated often think of wizards as cerebral, focused on their studies more than the body, yet your school of magic taught of the relationship between the two. Your magic, whether learned at a storied institution like Kintargo's Alabaster Academy or someplace more sinister, like the Fleshforges of Nex, focuses on the ways that living matter can be convinced into another shape for a time, allowing you to polymorph a seed into a vine, a human into a beast, or a harmless germ into a deadly toxin.

cantrips: tangle vine
1st: gouging claw, jump, pest form, spider sting
2nd: enlarge, humanoid form
3rd: feet to fins, vampiric feast
4th: mountain resilience, vapor form
5th: elemental form, toxic cloud
6th: cursed metamorphosis, petrify
7th: duplicate foe, fiery body
8th: desiccate, monstrosity form
9th: metamorphosis

School Spells
initial: scramble body
advanced: shifting form

PFS StandardSchool of the Boundary

Source Player Core pg. 199
Why use your magic to affect something as pedestrian as the physical world? Whether you studied at the College of Dimensional Studies in Katapesh or an underground school in haunted Ustalav, you've turned your magic past the Universe to the forces beyond, summoning spirits and shades, manipulating dimensions and planes, and treading in a place not meant for mortals.

cantrips: telekinetic hand, void warp
1st: grim tendrils, phantasmal minion, summon undead
2nd: darkness, see the unseen
3rd: bind undead, ghostly weapon
4th: flicker, translocate
5th: banishment, invoke spirits
6th: teleportU, vampiric exsanguination
7th: eclipse burst, interplanar teleportU
8th: quandary, unrelenting observation
9th: massacre

School Spells
initial: fortify summoning
advanced: spiral of horrors

PFS StandardSchool of Unified Magical Theory

Source Player Core pg. 200
You eschew the idea that magic can be neatly expressed by the teachings of any single school or college, instead directing your self-study to pick up the best of every school of magic. In doing so, you'll find the truths that lie at the intersection of each school, coming closer to the ideal nature of arcane magic. One day, you'll uncover that single elegant theory detailing all magic (perhaps a theory bearing your name?), but until then, your studies continue.

No Curriculum You don't have a set curriculum, and so you don't have curriculum spells and can't benefit from abilities that specifically affect them. Instead, you gain an additional 1st-level wizard class feat, and you add one 1st- rank spell of your choice to your spellbook to represent your diverse studies.
Your studies into the very nature of magic itself have let you use it more efficiently—instead of using Drain Bonded Item only once per day, you can use it once per day for each rank of spell you can cast, recalling a spell of that rank each time.

School Spells
initial: hand of the apprentice
advanced: interdisciplinary incantation