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PFS StandardThe Unbound Step

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 23
The mind can flit from thought to thought; why too shouldn't you? You focus on motion in a higher order of spatial dimensions, not just the typical three, allowing for versatile abilities that alter positioning.

1st: thoughtful gift; 2nd: enlarge; 3rd: rally point; 4th: dimension door; 5th: strange geometry; 6th: collective transposition; 7th: momentary recovery; 8th: maze; 9th: bilocation
Standard Psi Cantrips phase bolt and warp step
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: distortion lens; deeper: ghostly shift; deepest: tesseract tunnel

Phase Bolt

Your phase bolt temporarily sends the target's cover out of phase if it hits. On a success, reduce the target's circumstance bonus to AC (if any) by 1 until the beginning of your next turn. Your phase bolt also gains the following amp.

Amp Your bolt leaves phase completely, becoming invisible and intangible until it's already embedded in the target— giving the impression it simply teleported itself into place. The target is flat-footed against the attack. Additionally, the bolt ignores an amount of Hardness or resistance to piercing damage equal to half the spell's level. On a critical success, the target can't be affected by teleportation effects until the start of your next turn.
Amp Heightened (+1) The bolt's damage increases by 2d4 instead of 1d4.

Warp Step

You warp space more compactly, granting you a +10-foot status to your Speed instead of a +5-foot status bonus when you warp step. The spell also gains the following amp.

Amp Space contracts with hardly a thought, letting you Cast the Spell as a single action.
Amp Heightened (4th) You twist space so completely you don't need to travel the interposing distance. You can choose to instead teleport to a space within your line of sight and line of effect with a range equal to your double your Speed (after applying the status bonus from warp step). This grants the spell the teleportation trait.