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PFS StandardThe Infinite Eye

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 18
The true strength of the mind lies in the knowledge it contains, with each new observation contributing to the totality of its experiences. To grow your experiences—and with them, your power—you devote yourself to observing as much as possible, casting your senses through space and time with clairvoyance and precognition.

1st: true strike; 2nd: augury; 3rd: organsight; 4th: clairvoyance; 5th: prying eye; 6th: true seeing; 7th: true target; 8th: unrelenting observation; 9th: foresight
Standard Psi Cantrips detect magic and guidance
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: glimpse weakness; deeper: omnidirectional scan; deepest: foresee the path

Detect Magic

You have the kind of fine control that other spellcasters can only dream of. When you cast detect magic, you're aware of any creature in the emanation affected by a spell or carrying a magic item, and you determine the main location of magic within any magical hazard in the emanation (with the normal restrictions on detecting illusions). This typically manifests as an alteration to your vision, such as seeing a soft aura around the creature or hazard. Sensing these phenomena doesn't make it clear which spell is on a creature, nor which of its items are magical. Your detect magic also gains the following amp.

Amp Your pulse of detection magic helps you gain a sense of nearby magic's strengths or weaknesses. When you detect the presence of magic on an enemy or hazard, you gain a +1 status bonus to saves against magic originating from that enemy or hazard for 3 rounds. If you find magic from multiple sources with a single casting of detect magic, you get the bonus against all of them.
Amp Heightened (7th) The status bonus to saves against magic increases to +2.


You have eyes everywhere, allowing you to guide people from a great distance. The range of guidance increases to 120 feet. It also gains the following amp.

Amp You can project a flash of insight to your ally in the nick of time to save them from failure. Amped guidance doesn't cause a creature to become temporarily immune to guidance, and a creature can be targeted by amped guidance even if it is temporarily immune to guidance.

You can cast an amped guidance spell as a reaction triggered when your ally fails or critically fails an attack roll, Perception check, saving throw, or skill check, and the bonus from guidance would change the failure to a success or the critical failure to a normal failure. The bonus from guidance applies retroactively to their check.
Amp Heightened (6th) The bonus from the spell increases to +2.