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PFS StandardThe Tangible Dream

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 21
You pull colors and shapes from the depth of your mind, projecting impossible creations into the world as tapestries of astral thread or sculptures of force and light.

1st: color spray; 2nd: mirror image; 3rd: sea of thought; 4th: resilient sphere; 5th: etheric shards; 6th: blade barrier; 7th: project image; 8th: scintillating pattern; 9th: prismatic sphere
Standard Psi Cantrips figment and shield
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: imaginary weapon; deeper: astral rain; deepest: hologram cage


Your minor illusions shift and dance. The range of figment increases to 60 feet. When you Sustain the spell, you can move the apparent sound or vision up to 15 feet. You can then attempt to Create a Diversion as usual. Those creatures who disbelieved the illusion aren't affected by this diversion. Your figment also gains the following amp.

Amp When you amp the spell, you can create a particularly distracting illusion as part of its normal effects. Choose an unoccupied square within the spell's range. The illusion in that square provides flanking for a single melee attack made before the beginning of your next turn. If you Sustain the spell, the details of the illusion change and shift to keep your enemies unsettled; the flanking illusion's duration extends until the beginning of your next turn and you can move it to any unoccupied square in the spell's range. The flanking illusion can't provide its benefit against any creature who has disbelieved the figment.


Your shield spell can be deployed on behalf of others. When you cast shield, you can choose a target ally within 30 feet to gain the benefits of the spell instead of you. The option to Shield Block with the spell is up to you and uses your reaction, not the target's. Your shield also gains the following amp.

Amp You create a layered barrier of three shields to improve your defenses. The duration increases to sustained up to 1 minute. The shield still lowers at the start of each of your turns, but you can raise it again when you Sustain the Spell.

When you Shield Block with this spell, one of the three layers breaks and you cease to gain the bonus to AC, but the spell doesn't end. You can keep using the spell until the final layer breaks; once it does, the spell ends and you can't cast shield or amped shield again for 10 minutes. You can choose to break additional layers when you Shield Block with this spell to improve your defenses. If you break two layers instead of one, increase the Hardness to 1-1/2 × the normal amount (7 at 1st level, 15 at 3rd level, 22 at 5th level, 30 at 7th level, and 37 at 9th level). If you break all three layers, increase the Hardness to double the normal amount.