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Angry VegetationHazard 20

Unique Complex Environmental 
Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 41
Complexity Complex
Stealth DC 42 (master) to notice massive buds beneath the other foliage before they open
Description Five large flowers in the weed-choked field unfurl, each dusting pollen onto vines that animate into wemmuths.
Disable DC 48 Nature (master) or DC 48 Performance (legendary) to calm a flower, closing it
AC 37, Fort +33, Ref +30, Will +30
HP 120 per flower; Immunities mental, Weaknesses fire 20
Bloom Trigger A non-plant creature enters the garden; Effect The blooms open, spawning a single wemmuth that acts on the hazard's initiative, and the hazard rolls for initiative.
Routine (2 actions) If there are fewer wemmuths than open flowers, the flowers create more wemmuths (so there as many wemmuths as open flowers) as their first action. For their second action, the flowers produce a mind-addling pollen. Each non-plant creature within 30 feet of a flower must succeed at a DC 41 Fortitude save or become slowed 1 for 1 round (or confused for 1 round, on a critical failure). The pollen is an emotion, mental, and olfactory effect.
Reset Wemmuths collapse into ordinary vines and the trap resets if the area is left alone for 1 minute.