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Source Character Guide pg. 117 2.0
After any alterations that apply to all creatures, the templates list different entries based on the level of the creature to which the template is being applied. For example, a 5th-level creature would receive both the ability listed under the 1st Level or Higher entry and the 4th Level or Higher entry. Each of these entries are cumulative, meaning it's possible for a creature to gain several abilities or changes based on its level. When you add a theme template at a higher level that grants numerous additional abilities, you should strongly consider removing one of the creature's original abilities to compensate, especially if the new abilities are highly advantageous for the creature. A theme template might even specifically instruct you to remove additional abilities. An alternative, depending on the target level, is to raise the creature's level by 1 and adjust its numerical statistics accordingly, adding the template's abilities without taking anything away. Either way, a template adds abilities based on the creature's final level; for example, if you raise a 6th-level creature to 7th level, adjust its numbers, and add a template, the creature would gain the template abilities from the 7th Level or Higher entry. If the theme template provides a creature with an innate spell or ability that requires a DC, use an appropriate DC based on the creature's level.