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PFS StandardStarless Shadow

Source Player Core pg. 185
Your patron first contacted you at the witching hour, as your body lay paralyzed by sleep while your mind had yet to escape the waking world. Your patron might be a creature of the Netherworld or a long-forgotten spirit of twilight—all you remember of them are haunting eyes of moonlight, offering you power from the darkness.

Spell List occult
Patron Skill Occultism

Lesson of Night's Terrors Your patron taught you that the darkness can hide all manner of things best left unseen. You gain the shroud of night hex cantrip, and your familiar learns fear.
Familiar of Stalking Night Your familiar is dark of fur or feather, and light seems to disappear into it. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, and your familiar is adjacent to an enemy to which it's concealed, hidden, or undetected, the enemy becomes frightened 1.