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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Shadows at SundownSource Page


Xarva Almaxuspg. 14

Captain of the guard
AC 18

Dominated Guardspg. 15

LN Gang leaders

Scarlet Walkerpg. 15

Sevashapg. 15

Erinyes Company Agentpg. 19

Elite Raja Rakshasapg. 23

Priest of Pharasmapg. 23

Strigoi Servantpg. 25

Abridan Ashaupg. 26

Bishop Keppira D'bearpg. 26

Tungortpg. 26

Alamairpg. 31

Female nikaramsa asura

Profane Ghoulpg. 33

Acolyte Of Pharasmapg. 35

Yniesse Zenderholmpg. 35

Ibriquepg. 36

Braadupg. 44

Male strigoi progenitor

Loreavorpg. 44

Ravenous Blobpg. 44

elite carnivorous blob

Arcane Living Runepg. 46

The Keeperpg. 46

agender strigoi progenitor

Alirielpg. 47

Omoxpg. 48

Ileosa's Shellpg. 49

Lorthactpg. 51


Brooding Fvalthahalia, Ileosa's Fifth Manifestation, Ileosa's Sixth Manifestation, Life-Draining Thunder, Paradox Engine