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PFS StandardSilence in Snow

Source Player Core pg. 185
Bitter cold heralded your patron's appearance, in the depths of the winter solstice or on a frozen peak at the end of the world. Your patron might be a winter hag, ice yai, or other spirit of the cold, but one thing is clear as ice—their power is not to be underestimated.

Spell List primal
Patron Skill Nature

Lesson of Winter's Chill Your patron taught you the power of winter firsthand by subjecting you to frost and snow. You learn the clinging ice hex cantrip and your familiar learns gust of wind.
Familiar of Freezing Rime Your familiar is cold to the touch, its breath always visible. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, you can cause ice to form in a 5-foot burst centered on a square of your familiar's space. Those squares are difficult terrain until the start of your next turn.