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PFS StandardArtevil SuspensionItem 3

Alchemical Consumable 
Source Travel Guide pg. 101
PFS Note The DC to remove the sickened condition from an artevil suspension is the standard DC for an item of its level (in this case, DC 17).

Price 11 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate Treat Poison
This dried herb is known for its ability to draw toxins from the body, albeit violently. You can administer the suspension orally, Activating the item as part of the same activity you use to Treat Poison. If you succeed at your Medicine check to Treat Poison against an ingested poison, you can reduce the stage of the toxin by one stage, though this can't reduce the stage below stage 1 or cure the poison entirely. If you do, the creature becomes sickened 2 as its body purges the toxin. An artevil suspension doesn't work unless the poison was administered through ingestion; for instance, if a poison can be administered through either ingestion or injury and was administered through injury, the suspension won't work.