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PFS LimitedClockwork Box PackerItem 3

Uncommon Clockwork 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 85
PFS Note Inventors (and characters with the Inventor archetype) gain access to uncommon clockwork items from from Chapters 1 and 2 from this book, unless the item specifically states otherwise. Characters with a Home Region of Absalom, New Thassilon, Alkenstar, Dongun Hold or Arcadia have access to uncommon clockwork items from Chapters 1 and 2 from this boook, as inventors.

Price 50 gp
Bulk 4
Access Characters from Absalom, New Thassilon, Alkenstar, Dongun Hold, or especially technological regions of Arcadia like the Deadshot Lands have access to uncommon clockwork items from the first two chapters of this book.
This handy clockwork device is too expensive for most warehouses and shipping docks to make use of it, but some nobles have purchased the item for their staff as a status symbol, and merchants who are in the shipping trade can afford to slowly reap the benefits of its usage. It takes 1 minute to wind a clockwork box packer; after which, it can function for up to 1 hour.

You can indicate how high you want the clockwork box packer to stack boxes and what the packing storage dimensions are. Once packing instructions have been input, you can load a crate onto the clockwork box packer, and it begins its task. Once the box is stacked, the clockwork box packer closes the box, if necessary, then ties a ribbon or cord around it from a supply loaded into the clockwork box packer in advance. Once the package is secure, the clockwork box packer stacks it and then swivels back into position, ready to accept another box. In this way, the clockwork device can finish within minutes a packing job that might take humanoid workers an hour.