Source Grand Bazaar pg. 132
Clockworks are intricate, complex constructs that can be programmed to perform specific functions. A clockwork creature must be wound regularly to function.

Clockwork items are Intricate, complex machines that use clockwork to function. Not all require daily winding, but those that do have the wind-up ability in their stat blocks.

Wind-Up: To remain operational, a clockwork vehicle or creature must be wound with a unique key by a creature. This takes an amount of time listed in the clockwork's wind-up entry, which also lists how long the clockwork remains operational once wound; after this duration, the clockwork becomes inactive and immobile until it's wound again. Some clockworks' abilities require them to spend some of their remaining operational time. They can't spend more than they have and shut down immediately once they have 0 time remaining. If it's unclear when a clockwork was last wound, most are re-wound approximately halfway through their operating time.

A clockwork vehicle can be placed into standby mode by its pilot as a 3-action activity; a clockwork creature must perform this activity itself. A clockwork's operational time doesn't decrease in standby.

A creature can attempt to Disable a Device to wind a clockwork down (with a DC listed in the wind-up entry). For each success, a clockwork vehicle loses 10 minutes of operational time, while a clockwork creature loses 1 hour. This can be done even if the clockwork is in standby mode.

Broken clockwork vehicles have difficulty holding energy. The first time each round that a broken clockwork vehicle moves, it must attempt a DC 5 flat check. On a failure, it loses 10 minutes of operational time.


Acid Spitter, Chameleon Suit, Clockwork Monkey, Clockwork Bookshelf, Clockwork Box Packer, Clockwork Chirper, Clockwork Cloak, Clockwork Disguise, Clockwork Diving Suit, Clockwork Goggles, Clockwork Heels, Clockwork Helm, Clockwork Megaphone, Clockwork Rejuvenator, Clockwork Spider Bomb, Detonating Gears Snare, Extendible Pincer, Fire Box, Flame Drake Snare, Frog Chair, Frost Worm Snare, Gadget Skates, Gearblade, Gecko Pads, Ignitor, Instant Spy, Light Writer, Mechanical Torch, Nightbreeze Machine, Noisemaker Snare, Paper Shredder, Periscopic Viewfinder, Piston Gauntlets, Printing Press, Puff Dragon, Skull Bomb, Spider Chair, Spring Heel, Spring-Loaded Net Launcher, Steamflight Pack, Thrasher Tail, Thumper Snare, Timepiece, Tin Cobra, Windlass Bolas, Wind-Up Cart, Wind-up Wings


Malevolent Mannequins


Clockwork Amalgam, Clockwork Assassin, Clockwork Brewer, Clockwork Buccaneer, Clockwork Cannoneer, Clockwork Clock Tower, Clockwork Disposer, Clockwork Door Warden, Clockwork Dragon, Clockwork Fabricator, Clockwork Handler, Clockwork Hunter, Clockwork Mage, Clockwork Puppeteer, Clockwork Soldier, Clockwork Sphinx, Clockwork Spy, Divine Warden Of Brigh


Clockwork Bumblebee


Clockwork Macuahuitl