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PFS StandardWandering Reverie

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 16
The subconscious is by definition buried below the surface. Thus, only by stripping away the clamor and interference of everyday thought can you bring this more fundamental part of your mind to bear. Whether through sleep, self-hypnosis, or special exercises to empty your mind, you've found a way to access a deeper, more chaotic state of free association that better channels your psychic power.

Your thought components come from your imagination, images, and sensations your mind freely associates. You might have a passing daydream of small creatures bringing you an object as you telekinetically attract it or you may blink to find you've teleported to your desired location. Spell manifestations from imagination components have surreal or indistinct qualities, and the exact details fade quickly from observers' memory, as sensations from a dream.

Key Ability Your key ability score is Charisma.
Psyche Action Fade into Daydreams

Fade into Daydreams [one-action]

Illusion Psyche Psychic 
Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Your flights of imagination spill into the real world, causing you to become indistinct, hazy, or cloaked in figments. You become concealed until the start of your next turn. This concealment can't be used to Hide, as normal for concealing effects that leave your location obvious.