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Grand Bazaar

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Release Date 10/13/2021
Product Line Lost Omens

Ancestries [1]


Ancestry Heritages [5]

Ghost Poppet, Stuffed Poppet, Toy Poppet, Windup Poppet, Wishborn Poppet

Animal Companions [6]

Beetle, Capybara, Legchair, Moth, Pangolin, Terror Bird

Archetypes [3]

Captivator, Spell Trickster, Wrestler

Equipment [381]

Abysium, Abysium Armor, Abysium Armor (High-Grade), Abysium Armor (Standard-Grade), Abysium Buckler (High-Grade), Abysium Buckler (Standard-Grade), Abysium Chunk, Abysium Ingot, Abysium Object (High-Grade), Abysium Object (Standard-Grade), Abysium Powder, Abysium Shield, Abysium Shield (High-Grade), Abysium Shield (Standard-Grade), Abysium Weapon, Abysium Weapon (High-Grade), Abysium Weapon (Standard-Grade), Air Bladder, Alluring Scarf, Alluring Scarf (Greater), Alluring Scarf (Major), Amaranthine Pavise, Amphibious Chair, Anchoring, Anchoring (Greater), Arctic Vigor, Arctic Vigor (Greater), Avalanche of Stones Snare, Ball, Bandalore, Basic Cane, Basic Chair, Basic Corrective Lenses, Basic Crutch, Basic Hearing Aid, Basic Prosthesis, Big Rock Bullet, Big Rock Bullet (Greater), Big Rock Bullet (Major), Bitter, Blast Foot, Blast Foot (Greater), Blindpepper Bolt, Blocks, Bloodthirsty, Brewer's Regret, Brewer's Regret (Greater), Brilliant Rapier, Brooch of Inspiration, Brooch of Inspiration (Greater), Brooch of Inspiration (Major), Burning Badger Guts Snare, Burnished Plating, Called (Accessory Rune), Chair Storage, Chopping Evisceration Snare, Clay, Clockwork Heels, Clockwork Spider Bomb, Coin of Comfort, Cold Comfort, Cold Comfort (Greater), Cold Comfort (Lesser), Crown of Insight, Crown of the Fire Eater, Crown of the Fire Eater (Greater), Crown of the Fire Eater (Major), Crushing, Crushing (Greater), Cursebreak Bulwark, Deadweight Snare, Deathless, Dinosaur Boots, Dinosaur Boots (Greater), Diving Suit, Djezet, Djezet Alloy Ingot, Djezet Alloy Object (High-Grade), Djezet Alloy Object (Standard-Grade), Djezet Armor, Djezet Armor (High-Grade), Djezet Armor (Standard-Grade), Djezet Buckler (High-Grade), Djezet Buckler (Standard-Grade), Djezet Dose, Djezet Mass, Djezet Shield, Djezet Shield (High-Grade), Djezet Shield (Standard-Grade), Djezet Weapon, Djezet Weapon (High-Grade), Djezet Weapon (Standard-Grade), Doll, Dragonfly Potion, Dragon's Blood Pudding, Dragon's Blood Pudding (Greater), Dragon's Blood Pudding (Lesser), Dragon's Blood Pudding (Major), Dragon's Blood Pudding (Moderate), Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Breath (1st-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (2nd-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (3rd-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (4th-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (5th-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (6th-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (7th-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (8th-Level Spell), Dragon's Breath (9th-Level Spell), Dragon's Crest, Dread, Dread (Greater), Dread (Lesser), Dread (Moderate), Drum of Upheaval, Duelist's Beacon, Dweomerweave Robe, Encompassing Lockpick, Energizing, Energy Robe, Energy Robe (Acid), Energy Robe (Cold), Energy Robe (Electricity), Energy Robe (Fire), Enfilading Arrow, Enhanced Hearing Aid, Enveloping Light, Enveloping Light (Greater), Envenomed Snare, Experimental Clothing, Exquisite Surprise Doll, Eye of the Unseen, Eye of the Unseen (Greater), Fake Blood Pack, Fanged, Fanged (Greater), Fanged (Major), Fire and Iceberg, Fire and Iceberg (greater), Fire and Iceberg (Major), Fleshgem, Fleshgem (Combat), Fleshgem (Earthspeaker), Folding Boat, Folding Boat (Greater), Folding Ladder, Follypops, Follypops (Hotpops), Follypops (Rotters), Follypops (Sizzlers), Games, Glittering Snare, Griffon Cane, Harmonic Hauberk, Hauling, Hauling (Greater), Hopeful, Horned Hand Rests, Horned Hand Rests (Greater), Hosteling Statuette, Immovable Arm, Implacable, Impossible Cake, Impossible Cake (Greater), Impossible Cake (Major), Impulse Control, Inubrix, Inubrix Armor, Inubrix Armor (High-Grade), Inubrix Armor (Standard-Grade), Inubrix Buckler (High-Grade), Inubrix Buckler (Standard-Grade), Inubrix Chunk, Inubrix Ingot, Inubrix Object (High-Grade), Inubrix Object (Standard-Grade), Inubrix Shield, Inubrix Shield (High-Grade), Inubrix Shield (Standard-Grade), Inubrix Weapon, Inubrix Weapon (High-Grade), Inubrix Weapon (Standard-Grade), Juxtaposition Ammunition, Kite, Kraken's Guard, Lady's Knife, Loaded Dice, Maestro's Chair, Magical Hearing Aid, Magnetic Construction Set, Magnifying Glass of Elucidation, Malleable Mixture, Malleable Mixture (Greater), Malleable Mixture (Lesser), Marbles, Mask, Mask (Fine), Mask (Ordinary), Mask (Plague), Mask (Rubber), Memory Palace, Minotaur Chair, Mirror of Sleeping Vigil, Mirror Robe, Mirror-Ball Snare, Misdirecting Haversack, Mudrock Snare, Noqual, Noqual Armor, Noqual Armor (High-Grade), Noqual Armor (Standard-Grade), Noqual Buckler (High-Grade), Noqual Chunk, Noqual Ingot, Noqual Object (High-Grade), Noqual Object (Standard-Grade), Noqual Shield, Noqual Shield (High-Grade), Noqual Weapon, Noqual Weapon (High-Grade), Noqual Weapon (Standard-Grade), Paint Set, Paired, Paired (Greater), Paired (Major), Periscopic Viewfinder, Pickpocket's Tailoring, Pillow Shield, Pinwheel, Pocket Gala, Popdust, Portable Gaming Hall, Portable Ram, Portable Ram (Reinforced), Powder, Presentable, Presentable (Greater), Prismatic Plate, Private Workshop, Probing Cane, Psychic Brigandine, Pummeling Snare, Puzzle Box, Puzzle Box (Challenging), Puzzle Box (Complex), Puzzle Box (Hollow), Puzzle Box (Simple), Queasy Lantern, Queasy Lantern (Greater), Queasy Lantern (Lesser), Queasy Lantern (Moderate), Quick Runner's Shirt, Quick Runner's Shirt (Greater), Quick Wig, Raining Knives Snare, Rampart Shield, Reading Ring, Reading Ring (Greater), Recovery Bladder, Reflexive Tattoo, Reinforced Surcoat, Reinforced Wheels, Rending Snare, Rhino Shot, Rock Ripper Snare, Sarkorian God-Caller Garb, Scarab Cuirass, Server's Stew, Shade Hat, Shield Augmentation, Shifter Prosthesis, Siccatite, Siccatite Armor, Siccatite Armor (High-Grade), Siccatite Armor (Standard-Grade), Siccatite Buckler (High-Grade), Siccatite Buckler (Standard-Grade), Siccatite Chunk, Siccatite Ingot, Siccatite Object (High-Grade), Siccatite Object (Standard-Grade), Siccatite Shield, Siccatite Shield (High-Grade), Siccatite Shield (Standard-Grade), Siccatite Weapon, Siccatite Weapon (High-Grade), Siccatite Weapon (Standard-Grade), Silencing Ammunition, Silhouette Cloak, Silkspinner's Shield, Singularity Ammunition, Sky Serpent Bolt, Skyrider Sword, Skyrider Sword (Greater), Smoked Goggles, Snagging, Sneezing Powder, Soft-Landing, Spell-Bastion, Splint, Spring-Loaded Net Launcher, Staff of Final Rest, Staff of Final Rest (Greater), Staff of Final Rest (Major), Staff of the Dreamlands, Staff of the Dreamlands (Greater), Staff of the Dreamlands (Major), Stanching, Stanching (Greater), Stanching (Major), Stanching (True), Static Snare, Stone Circle, Stone Circle (Greater), Stonethroat Ammunition, Sulfur Bomb, Sulfur Bomb (Greater), Sulfur Bomb (Lesser), Sulfur Bomb (Major), Sulfur Bomb (Moderate), Support, Surprise Doll, Swarmform Collar, Swarmsuit, Swarmsuit (Impenetrable), Tar Rocket Snare, Tear-Away Clothing, Thrice-Fried Mudwings, Toadskin Salve, Toadskin Salve (Greater), Toadskin Salve (Major), Toy Carriage, Toy Carriage (Windup), Transposition Ammunition, Transposition Ammunition (Greater), Traveler's Chair, Twining Chains, Vampiric Scythe, Vexing Vapor, Vexing Vapor (Greater), Vexing Vapor (Lesser), Vexing Vapor (Major), Vexing Vapor (Moderate), Vine of Roses, Waffle Iron, Waffle Iron (High-Grade Mithral), Waffle Iron (Imprint), Waffle Iron (Mithral), Wand of Fey Flames, Wand of Spiritual Warfare, Wand of Spiritual Warfare (2nd-Level), Wand of Spiritual Warfare (4th-Level), Wand of Spiritual Warfare (6th-Level), Wand of Spiritual Warfare (8th-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes, Wand of Thundering Echoes (3rd-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes (4th-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes (5th-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes (6th-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes (7th-Level), Wand of Thundering Echoes (8th-Level), Wardrobe Stone, Wardrobe Stone (Greater), Wardrobe Stone (Lesser), Wardrobe Stone (Moderate), Waverider Barding, Wet Shock Snare, Wheel Blades, Wheel Spikes, Wheelbarrow, Wig of Holding, Wind-Catcher, Wind-Catcher (Greater), Wizard's Tower, Wovenwood Shield, Wovenwood Shield (Greater), Wovenwood Shield (Lesser), Wovenwood Shield (Major), Wovenwood Shield (Minor), Wovenwood Shield (Moderate), Wovenwood Shield (True)

Familiar Abilities [22]

Ambassador (familiar), Clockwork (familiar), Constructed (familiar), Divinatory Linguist (familiar), Electricity Vulnerability (familiar), Elemental (familiar), Gills (familiar), Greater Resistance (familiar), Haunting Melody (familiar), Major Resistance (familiar), Nosoi Resistance (familiar), Recall Familiar (master), Resonance (familiar), Restorative Familiar (master), Second Opinion (familiar), Snoop (familiar), Steam Screen (familiar), Tattoo Transformation (master), Threat Display (familiar), Toggle Standby Mode (familiar), Tremorsense (familiar), Wavesense (familiar)

Familiars (Specific) [4]

Clockwork Familiar, Elemental Wisp, Nosoi, Pipefox

Feats [66]

Aerial Piledriver, Agile Hand, Animate Net, Barrier Shield, Basic Captivator Spellcasting, Beacon Mark, Captivating Intensity, Captivator Dedication, Choking Smoke, Clinch Strike, Confounding Image, Countercharm, Cunning Tinker, Directed Poison, Disengaging Twist, Disk Rider, Drenching Mist, Effortless Captivation, Elbow Breaker, Expert Captivator Spellcasting, Forceful Push, Form Lock (Wrestler), Harmless Doll, Heightened Captivation, Helpful Poppet, Histrionic Injury, Impossible Gossip, Inescapable Grasp, Larcenous Hand, Lingering Flames, Look Again, Master Captivator Spellcasting, Nothing but Fluff, Obscured Terrain, Quadruped, Reactive Charm, Reanimating Spark, Restitch, Running Tackle, Scaling Poppet, Scattered Fire, Sealed Poppet, Shining Arms, Shiny Button Eyes, Siphoning Touch, Smoldering Explosion, Soaring Poppet, Spark of Independence, Spell Trickster Dedication, Spinebreaker, Squirm Free, Steal Vitality, Strangle, Submission Hold, Summon Ensemble, Suplex, Surrounding Flames, Swimming Poppet, Toppling Tentacles, Tracing Sigil, Uneasy Rest, Volatile Grease, Wash Out, Wheedle and Jig, Wild Lights, Wrestler Dedication

Monsters [1]

Ethereal Sailor

Rules [4]

Accessory Runes, Armor and Shield Adjustments, Assistive Items, Water Pressure in Gaming

Traits [2]

Clockwork (Monster), Poppet (Ancestry)

Vehicles [9]

Bathysphere, Cliff Crawler, Clockwork Bumblebee, Cutter, Firework Pogo, Sand Barge, Shark Diver, Strider, Velocipede

Weapons [20]

Asp Coil, Butchering Axe, Chakram, Clockwork Macuahuitl, Dueling Spear, Elven Branched Spear, Griffon Cane, Hongali Hornbow, Piranha Kiss, Probing Cane, Reinforced Frame, Sickle-Saber, Spiral Rapier, Switchscythe, Throwing Knife, Thundermace, Tonfa, Tri-Bladed Katar, Wheel Blades, Wheel Spikes