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Rage of Elements

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Release Date 8/2/2023
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Ancestries [2]

Ardande, Talos

Ancestry Heritages [2]

Ardande, Talos

Animal Companions [6]

Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Metal Elemental, Water Elemental, Wood Elemental

Archetypes [2]

Elementalist, Kineticist

Backgrounds [10]

Alloysmith, Concordance Researcher, Concordance Scout, Crystal Healer, Deep-Sea Diver, Dendrologist, Elementally Infused, Fire Warden, Planar Migrant, Sky Rider

Classes [1]


Class Sample Builds [1]

Element Explorer (Kineticist)

Deities [12]

Atreia, Ayrzul, Ferrumnestra, Hshurha, Kelizandri, Laudinmio, Lysianassa, Ranginori, Sairazul, Shumunue, Verilorn, Ymeri

Domains [3]

Metal, Toil, Wood

Eidolons [1]


Equipment [160]

Aboutface Figurehead, Aeon Stone (Cymophane Cabochon), Aeon Stone (Olivine Pendeloque), Aeon Stone (Polished Pebble), Aerial Cloak, Anglerfish Lantern, Anglerfish Lantern (Submersible), Animal Nip, Animal Nip (Greater), Animal Nip (Lesser), Animal Nip (Moderate), Ash Gown, Ash Gown (Greater), Atmospheric Staff, Atmospheric Staff (Greater), Atmospheric Staff (Lesser), Atmospheric Staff (Major), Blight Breath, Bloodburn Censer, Blooming Lotus Seed Pod, Brazier of Harmony, Brine Dragon Scale, Broadleaf Shield, Broadleaf Shield (Greater), Broadleaf Shield (Major), Broadleaf Shield (True), Candle of Inflamed Passions, Captivating Rosebud, Carver-Cutter, Carver-Cutter (Greater), Carver-Cutter (Major), Carver-Cutter (True), Cipher of the Elemental Planes, Conch of Otherworldly Seas, Curious Teardrop, Drought Powder, Elemental Fragment, Elemental Fragment (Greater), Elemental Fragment (Major), Everburning Coal, Extra Lung, Exuviae Powder, Fan of Soothing Winds, Fan of Soothing Winds (Greater), Faydhaan's Dallah, Ferrofluid Urchin, Ferrofluid Urchin (Greater), Ferrofluid Urchin (Lesser), Ferrofluid Urchin (Moderate), Floating Tent, Floating Tent (Four-Person), Floating Tent (Pup), Fossil Fragment, Fossil Fragment (Amber Mosquito), Fossil Fragment (Brontosaurus Phalange), Fossil Fragment (Deinonychus Claw), Fossil Fragment (Eurypterid Paddle), Fossil Fragment (Petrified Wood), Fossil Fragment (Triceratops Frill), Fossil Fragment (Tyrannosaur Tooth), Frost Breath, Gate Attenuator, Gate Attenuator (Greater), Gate Attenuator (Major), Globe of Shrouds, Glowing Lantern Fruit, Jaathoom's Scarf, Jabali's Dice, Jann's Prism, Kizidhar's Shield, Kraken Figurehead, Kraken Figurehead (Wracking), Lambent Perfume, Limestone Shield, Lionfish Spear, Lionfish Spear (Greater), Malleable, Morphing Weapon, Nimbus Breath, Obsidian Edge, Obsidian Edge (Greater), Obsidian Edge (Major), Obsidian Edge (True), Octopus Potion, Octopus Potion (Greater), Octopus Potion (Lesser), Octopus Potion (Moderate), Purifying Spoon, Purifying Spoon (Ladle), Purifying Spoon (Tablespoon), Purifying Spoon (Teaspoon), Resonant Guitar, Rhyton of the Radiant Ifrit, Robe of Stone, Rooting, Rooting (Greater), Rooting (Major), Rooting (True), Rustbringer, Rustbringer (Greater), Sairazul Blue, Sandalwood Fan, Sandcastle, Scalding Gauntlets, Scalding Gauntlets (Greater), Scalding Gauntlets (Major), Scalding Gauntlets (True), Sharkskin Robe, Shell of Easy Breathing, Shell of Easy Breathing (Greater), Silver Snake Cane, Singing Stone, Smoke Veil, Sparkshade Parasol, Spellsap Grenade, Spellsap Grenade (Greater), Spellsap Grenade (Moderate), Spiny Lodestone, Spiny Lodestone (Greater), Spiny Lodestone (Major), Spiral Chimes, Splinter Spear, Splinter Spear (Greater), Splinter Spear (Major), Splintering Spear, Spun Cloud, Spun Cloud (Black), Spun Cloud (Blue), Spun Cloud (Green), Spun Cloud (Red), Spun Cloud (White), Staff of Metal, Staff of Metal (Greater), Staff of Metal (Major), Stalagmite Seed, Sticky Algae Bomb, Sticky Algae Bomb (Greater), Sticky Algae Bomb (Lesser), Sticky Algae Bomb (Major), Sticky Algae Bomb (Moderate), Storm Breath, Tailor's Boll, Tales in Timber, Tales in Timber (Greater), Tales in Timber (Major), Thawing Candle, Therapeutic Snap Peas, Thorn Triad, Thorn Triad (Greater), Thorn Triad (Major), Underwater, Veiled Figurehead, Veiled Figurehead (Greater), Versatile Tinderbox, Vital Earth, Wisp Chain, Wisp Chain (Greater), Wisp Chain (Major), Wisp Chain (True), Zuhra's Gloves

Familiar Abilities [14]

Crystal Scent (familiar), Elemental (familiar), Elemental Breath (familiar), Elemental Diplomat (familiar), Elemental Mobility (familiar), Elemental Mobility (familiar), Elemental Mobility (familiar), Emote (familiar), Innate Element (familiar), Jet (familiar), Levitator (familiar), Little Wish (familiar), Resonance (familiar), Scamp Elements (familiar)

Familiars (Specific) [5]

Cullitox Shardling, Elemental Scamp, Elemental Wisp, Gennayn, Mood Cloud

Feats [172]

Add Element, Advanced Element Control, Aerial Boomerang, Air Cushion, Air Shroud, All Shall End in Flames, Alloy Flesh and Steel, Ambersoul, Ambush Bladderwort, Architect of Flame, Armor in Earth, Ash Strider, Assume Earth's Mantle, Aura Shaping, Barrier of Boreal Frost, Base Kinesis, Beasts of Slumbering Steel, Blazing Wave, Body of Air, Burning Jet, Burning Spell, Calcifying Sand, Call the Hurricane, Chain Infusion, Clear as Air, Command Elemental, Conductive Sphere, Conductor's Redirection, Consume Power, Counter Element, Crawling Fire, Crowned in Tempest's Fury, Current Spell, Cyclonic Ascent, Dash of Herbs, Deflecting Wave, Desert Wind, Dousing Spell, Drifting Pollen, Driving Rain, Effortless Impulse, Elemental Apotheosis, Elemental Artillery, Elemental Evolution, Elemental Explosion, Elemental Familiar, Elemental Familiar (Kineticist), Elemental Overlap, Elemental Transformation, Elementalist Dedication, Eternal Torch, Expanded Elemental Magic, Expert Kinetic Control, Extended Kinesis, Fearsome Familiar, Ferrousoul, Flash Forge, Flinging Updraft, Flowering Path, Flying Flame, Four Winds, Fresh Produce, Furnace Form, Geologic Attunement, Ghosts in the Storm, Gildedsoul, Glacial Prison, Grove-Harbored, Growth Spell, Hail of Splinters, Hardwood Armor, Hedge Maze, Hell of 1,000,000 Needles, Igneogenesis, Ignite the Sun, Impenetrable Fog, Imperious Aura, Improved Elemental Blast, Infinite Expanse of Bluest Heaven, Jagged Berms, Kindle Inner Flames, Kinetic Activation, Kinetic Pinnacle, Kineticist Dedication, Kizidhar Magic, Lava Leap, Lightning Dash, Lightning Rod, Living Bonfire, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Pinions, Metabolize Element, Metal Carapace, Metallic Skin, Moldersoul, Molten Wire, Natural Magnetism, Nourishing Gate, Ocean's Balm, Omnikinesis, Orchard's Endurance, Plate in Treasure, Precious Alloys, Purify Element, Quicksoul, Rain of Razors, Rain of Rust, Rapid Reattunement, Rattle The Earth, Ravel of Thorns, Read the Roots, Rebirth in Living Stone, Redirect Elements, Reflective Defense, Retch Rust, Return to the Sea, Reverberating Spell, Ride the Tsunami, Rising Hurricane, Rock Rampart, Rockslide Spell, Roiling Mudslide, Rouse the Forest's Fury, Safe Elements, Sand Snatcher, Sanguivolent Roots, Scorching Column, Scrap Barricade, Sea Glass Guardians, Shard Strike, Shattershields, Solar Detonation, Spike Skin, Springsoul, Steam Knight, Stepping Stones, Storm Spiral, Summon Metal Elemental, Summon Wood Elemental, Sunlit Vitality, Swim Through Earth, The Shattered Mountain Weeps, Thermal Nimbus, Through the Gate, Tidal Hands, Timber Sentinel, Torrent in the Blood, Tree of Duality, Treespeech, Tremor, Tumbling Lumber, Turn the Wheel of Seasons, Two-Element Infusion, Usurp the Lunar Reins, Versatile Blasts, Voice of the Elements, Volcanic Escape, Walk Through the Conflagration, Water Step, Weapon Infusion, Weight of Stone, Whirling Grindstone, Whisper on the Wind, Wiles on the Wind, Wind-Tossed Spell, Winter Sleet, Winter's Clutch, Witchwood Seed, Wood Ward, Wooden Mantle, Wooden Palisade, Woodworker

Instincts [1]


Languages [3]

Muan, Orvian, Talican

Monsters [76]

Abysium Horror, Anemos, Ardande Gardener, Asp Of Grief, Avalanche Legion, Blustering Gale, Boiling Spring, Brass Bastion, Brochmaw, Capritellix, Carved Beast, Coldmire Pond, Comozant Wyrd, Crystal Strider, Cullitox, Despairing Pall, Dewdrop Jelly, Elder Outcrop, Elemental Thicket, Faydhaan Shuyookh, Ferrous Butterfly, Gennayn, Gluttonous Geode, Harvest Regiment, Ifrit Shuyookh, Jaathoom Shuyookh, Jabali Shuyookh, Jann Shuyookh, Kinzaruk, Kizidhar, Kizidhar Shuyookh, Lava Otter, Lithic Locus, Living Grove, Living Lodestone, Living Magma, Lomori Sprout, Melomach, Mercurial, Metal Scamp, Metal Wisp, Moss Sloth, Munsahir Gatecrasher, Munsahir Trooper, Murajau, Nanoshard Swarm, Nightwood Guardian, Nursery Crawler, Olobigonde, Ore Louse, Oregorger, Painted Stag, Pelegox Cube, Picture-in-Cloud, Pine Pangolin, Quickiron Plasm, Rakkatak, Rust Scarab, Saltborn Stalkers, Skymetal Striker, Snapdrake, Solar Crow, Sootsoldiers, Talos Gadgeteer, Tantriog, Twins of Rowan, Vault Builder, Vault Keeper, Vegetable Lamb, Veiled Current, Veldenar, Whipping Willow, Wood Scamp, Wood Wisp, Zuhra, Zuhra Shuyookh

Relic Gifts [5]

All Will Decay, Enhancing Circuitry, Precious Anodization, Rail Dash, Scrap Shot

Rituals [3]

Bountiful Oasis, Elemental Servitor, Sky Signs

Rules [1]

Elemental Companions

Spells [121]

Airlift, Arms of Nature, Arrow Salvo, Beheading Buzz Saw, Blastback, Blazing Armory, Brine Dragon Bile, Buoyant Bubbles, Burrow Ward, Cauterize Wounds, Cave Fangs, Cinder Swarm, Clad in Metal, Cleanse Air, Cloud Dragon's Cloak, Combustion, Conductive Weapon, Coral Scourge, Crushing Ground, Dancing Fountain, Deep Breath, Dehydrate, Detect Metal, Dive and Breach, Draw Moisture, Eat Fire, Elemental Breath, Elemental Counter, Elemental Sense, Engrave Memory, Entwined Roots, Exploding Earth, Falsify Heat, Ferrous Form, Field of Razors, Fireproof, Fire's Pathway, Flame Dancer, Flames of Ego, Flourishing Flora, Fold Metal, Freezing Rain, Frost Pillar, Gentle Breeze, Glass Form, Glass Shield, Grasp of the Deep, Grasping Earth, Heatvision, Heaving Earth, Helpful Wood Spirits, Hungry Depths, Illuminate, Instant Pottery, Interposing Earth, Life-Draining Roots, Lignify, Lotus Walk, Magnetic Dominion, Mantle of the Melting Heart, Mantle of the Unwavering Heart, Mercurial Stride, Misty Memory, Needle Darts, Noxious Metals, Pave Ground, Personal Ocean, Phantom Orchestra, Phoenix Ward, Pillar of Water, Pollen Pods, Powerful Inhalation, Practice Makes Perfect, Pressure Zone, Propulsive Breeze, Pulverizing Cascade, Rainbow Fumarole, Repel Metal, Rigid Form, Rising Surf, Root Reading, Rousing Splash, Rubble Step, Rust Cloud, Sand Form, Scrying Ripples, Serrate, Shielded Arm, Shock to the System, Signal Skyrocket, Slashing Gust, Sliding Blocks, Splinter Volley, Stifling Stillness, Stone Lance, Summon Elemental Herald, Take Root, Tempest Cloak, Thermal Remedy, Timber, Tireless Worker, Tremor Signs, Tremorsense, Updraft, Vacuum, Verdant Sprout, Vitrifying Blast, Voice on the Breeze, Wall of Metal, Wall of Shrubs, Waterproof, Weaken Earth, Weave Wood, Whirlpool, Wildfire, Wisdom of the Winds, Wood Walk, Wooden Double, Wooden Fists, Ymeri's Mark, Zephyr Slip

Traits [10]

Ardande (Ancestry), Bottled Breath (Equipment), Censer (Equipment), Composite (Class-Specific), Figurehead (Equipment), Impulse (Class-Specific), Infusion (Class-Specific), Kineticist (Class), Overflow (Class-Specific), Talos (Ancestry)

Vehicles [1]

Planar Skiff