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Uncommon Conjuration Druid 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 400 4.0
Cast [free-action] verbal
You enhance a summoned creature with the power of the elements. If your next action is to cast either summon animal or summon plant or fungus, choose air, earth, fire, or water, and the creature you summon gains the corresponding abilities.
  • Air The creature gains a fly Speed of 60 feet.
  • Earth The creature gains a burrow Speed of 20 feet, reduces its land Speed by 10 feet (minimum 5 feet), and gains resistance 5 to physical damage.
  • Fire The creature's attacks deal 1d6 extra fire damage, and it gains resistance 10 to fire and weakness 5 to cold and water.
  • Water The creature gains a swim Speed of 60 feet, can spend 1 action after a melee attack to attempt a Shove (ignoring multiple attack penalty), and gains resistance 5 to fire.