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Conscious Mind

Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Specific spells you learn come from your conscious mind, which shapes the raw psychic power from your subconscious into the forms and phenomena that you intentionally cast. You select your conscious mind at 1st level, and it determines the following.

Granted Spells You automatically add the spells listed here to your spell repertoire, in addition to those you gain through psychic spellcasting. At 1st level, you gain a 1st-level spell, and you learn the other spells on the list as soon as you gain the ability to cast psychic spells of that level, learning the 2nd-level spell at 3rd level, the 3rd-level spell at 5th level, and so on.
Standard Psi Cantrips These are two common cantrips you automatically gain at 1st level. While these are the same cantrips used by other spellcasters, you cast them as psi cantrips, enabling you to amp them for greater effect. Your mastery of psychic magic also grants you a passive benefit that applies every time you cast these cantrips, even when you haven't amped them. These benefits apply only with cantrips you gain from your conscious mind; you would cast a cantrip you gained with your psychic spellcasting class feature, for example, as normal even if it appears in a different conscious mind.
Unique Psi Cantrips These psi cantrips are unique to your conscious mind. You automatically gain the surface psi cantrip at 1st level, automatically gain the deeper psi cantrip at 6th level, and automatically gain the deepest psi cantrip at 10th level.

PFS StandardThe Distant Grasp

Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Motion characterizes the physical—a boulder falls, creatures move, the world turns. You believe the truest form of mind over matter is therefore to move things as well, wielding telekinesis as an arm that can grasp the furthest and finest of objects.

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PFS StandardThe Infinite Eye

Source Dark Archive pg. 18
The true strength of the mind lies in the knowledge it contains, with each new observation contributing to the totality of its experiences. To grow your experiences—and with them, your power—you devote yourself to observing as much as possible, casting your senses through space and time with clairvoyance and precognition.

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PFS StandardThe Oscillating Wave

Source Dark Archive pg. 19
PFS Note Per design clarification, change the third sentence of the psychic’s Conservation of Energy ability to read “The first time in an encounter that you cast a granted spell from your conscious mind or a standard psi cantrip[...]” The intent is for Conservation of Energy to apply to produce flame and ray of frost, but not the unique cantrips, which are designed to function as written.

At the heart of all things is energy. Though it may change its form or resting place, it is eternal, fundamental, the purest of building blocks. Your powers let you shift energy—either concentrating it in a single point to explosive end or freezing objects by plundering it away— in an endless oscillation of temperature.

Conservation of Energy

Energy can't be created or destroyed, only transferred or changed. Whenever you use your magic to add or remove energy, you must then balance it with the opposing force. The first time in an encounter that you cast a granted spell or a standard psi cantrip from your conscious mind, decide whether you're adding energy or removing it. Once you add energy, you must remove energy the next time you cast one of these spells. When you Refocus, you restore yourself to a neutral state, allowing you to once again freely choose whether you add or remove energy on your next spell.

Adding Energy: The ability gains the fire trait, any damage it deals is fire damage, and any resistance it grants is to cold damage. It loses any traits matching damage types it no longer deals.
Removing Energy: The ability gains the cold trait, any damage it deals is cold damage, and any resistance it grants is to fire damage. It loses any traits matching damage types it no longer deals. Fiery body grants ray of frost instead of produce flame when cast this way.
Mindshift: When you use an action that has the mindshift trait, you can choose to add or remove energy to it instead of making it mental. Alter it as normal for adding or removing energy and change any save it requires to a Reflex save.

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PFS StandardThe Silent Whisper

Source Dark Archive pg. 20
Every mind murmurs constantly, and the static from those nearby reverberates in your head like wind through leaves. What better focus for your magic then, than the very thoughts of those around you? Your versatile telepathic abilities let you soothe and communicate with your allies or control your enemies.

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PFS StandardThe Tangible Dream

Source Dark Archive pg. 21
You pull colors and shapes from the depth of your mind, projecting impossible creations into the world as tapestries of astral thread or sculptures of force and light.

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PFS StandardThe Unbound Step

Source Dark Archive pg. 23
The mind can flit from thought to thought; why too shouldn't you? You focus on motion in a higher order of spatial dimensions, not just the typical three, allowing for versatile abilities that alter positioning.

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