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Monsters of Myth

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Release Date 12/22/2021
Product Line Lost Omens

Animal Companions [1]


Archetypes [1]

Pactbound Initiate

Diseases [1]

Addictive Exhaustion

Equipment [26]

Appetizing Flavor Snare, Devil's Trident, Expulsion Snare, Fire-Douse Snare, Gamepiece Chariot, Godsbreath Bow, Golden Rod Memento, Grease Snare, Grisantian Hide Object (High-Grade), Grisantian Hide Object (Standard-Grade), Grisantian Pelt, Grisantian Pelt Armor, Grisantian Pelt Armor (High-Grade), Grisantian Pelt Armor (Standard-Grade), Ivory Baton, Ivory Baton (Greater), Jack's Tattered Cape, Little Love, Mantle of the Grogrisant, Piercing Whistle Snare, Ridill, Rusting Snare, Sandstorm Top, Spear of the Destroyer's Flame, Star Chart Tattoo, Tidal Fishhook

Feats [6]

Bound in Ice, Crown of the Saumen Kar, Curse of the Saumen Kar, Frostbite Runes, Ice Crafter, Pactbound Dedication

Hazards [5]

Collapsing Structure (Ebeshra), Crystal Pin, Planar Tear, Quaking Slither, Storm Discharge

Languages [2]

Hwan, Okaiyan

Monsters [26]

Ainamuuren, Cuetzmonquali , Desert's Howl, Fafnheir, Grisantian Lion , Grogrisant, Howling Spawn, Imperfect Automaton, Kallas Devil, Kothogaz, Dance Of Disharmony, Krampus Celebrant, Kuworsys, Melfesh Monster, Mosquito Witch, Somnalu, Somnalu Oculus, Spawn Of Kothogaz, Spectral Devil, Spring-Heeled Jack, Taljjae, Tehialai-Thief-Of-Ships, Temteki, Ulgrem-Axaan, Ulgrem-Lurann, Ulistul, Young Linnorm

Patron Themes [1]

Mosquito Witch

Rituals [4]

Form of the Sandpoint Devil, Mosquito Blight, Mother's Blessing, Raga of Remembrance

Spells [3]

Buzzing Bites, Hypnopompic Terrors, Lure Dream