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PFS StandardCoughing Dragon Display Feat 4

Source Guns & Gears pg. 134
Archetype Fireworks Technician
Prerequisites Firework Technician Dedication

This display emits a cascade of loud bangs or glittering trails. While you initially designed the display to captivate your audience's attention, it turns out to have a surprisingly effective use in combat, suppressing auditory or visual effects behind your magnificent display. You gain the Coughing Dragon fireworks display.

Coughing Dragon [two-actions] Cost 2 batches of infused reagents; Effect Choose either auditory or visual effects. The display gains that trait, and you attempt to counteract one or more effects within 60 feet that have this trait. On a success, the effect is suppressed until the start of your next turn, rather than ending entirely. Use your Fireworks Lore modifier as your counteract modifier, and your counteract level is equal to half your advanced alchemy level (rounded up). A coughing dragon costs 2 batches of infused reagents rather than 1, but you can increase the cost to 3 batches and spend an additional action to create an even bigger coughing dragon display that attempts to counteract both auditory and visual effects at the same time.



This feat belongs to an archetype.