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Source Core Rulebook pg. 628 2.0
This feat belongs to an archetype.


Able Ritualist, Absorb Spell, Acclimatization, Accurate Swing, Accursed Clay Fist, Achaekek's Grip, Acquired Tolerance, Acrobat Dedication, Adaptive Mask Familiar, Additional Companion, Additional Shadow Magic, Advanced Arcana, Advanced Blood Potency, Advanced Bow Training, Advanced Breakthrough, Advanced Concoction, Advanced Deduction, Advanced Devotion, Advanced Dogma, Advanced Flair, Advanced Fury, Advanced Hunter's Trick, Advanced Kata, Advanced Maneuver, Advanced Martial Magic, Advanced Muse's Whispers, Advanced Mysteries, Advanced Order Training, Advanced Red Mantis Magic, Advanced Seeker of Truths, Advanced Shooting, Advanced Synergy, Advanced Trickery, Advanced Wilding, Advanced Witchcraft, Aegis of Arnisant, Aeon Resonance, Aerial Piledriver, Agile Hand, Alchemist Dedication, Aldori Duelist Dedication, Aldori Parry, Aldori Riposte, Analyze Idiolect, Angel of Death, Animal Trainer Dedication, Animate Net, Arcane Breadth, Arcane School Spell, Arcane Sensitivity, Archaeologist Dedication, Archaeologist's Luck, Archaeologist's Warning, Archer Dedication, Archer's Aim, Ardent Armiger, Armiger's Mobility, Armor Rune Shifter, Armor Specialist, Armored Exercise, Armored Rebuff, Armored Rest, Arrow of Death, Artillerist Dedication, Assassin Dedication, Assassinate, Assured Ritualist, Attuned Stride, Attunement Shift, Attunement to Stone, Avalanche Strike, Axe Climber, Axe Thrower, Back to Back, Banshee Cry Display, Barbarian Dedication, Barbarian Resiliency, Bard Dedication, Barrier Shield, Basic Arcana, Basic Bard Spellcasting, Basic Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Basic Blood Potency, Basic Bloodline Spell, Basic Breakthrough, Basic Captivator Spellcasting, Basic Cathartic Spellcasting, Basic Cleric Spellcasting, Basic Concoction, Basic Deduction, Basic Devotion, Basic Dogma, Basic Druid Spellcasting, Basic Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Basic Flair, Basic Fury, Basic Hunter's Trick, Basic Kata, Basic Magus Spellcasting, Basic Maneuver, Basic Martial Magic, Basic Modification, Basic Muse's Whispers, Basic Mysteries, Basic Oracle Spellcasting, Basic Red Mantis Magic, Basic Scroll Cache, Basic Shooting, Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting, Basic Summoner Spellcasting, Basic Synergy, Basic Trickery, Basic Wilding, Basic Witch Spellcasting, Basic Witchcraft, Basic Wizard Spellcasting, Bastion Dedication, Beacon Mark, Beast Dynamo Howl, Beast Gunner Dedication, Beast Speaker, Beastmaster Bond, Beastmaster Dedication, Beastmaster's Call, Beastmaster's Trance, Bellflower Dedication, Beneath Notice, Bestiary Scholar, Black Powder Blaze, Black Powder Embodiment, Blade of Law, Blade of the Crimson Oath, Blessed Denial, Blessed One Dedication, Blessed Sacrifice, Blessed Spell, Blessing of the Sun Gods, Bloodline Breadth, Boaster's Challenge, Bolera's Interrogation, Bounty Hunter Dedication, Bravo's Determination, Breath of the Dragon, Bright Lion Dedication, Brilliant Crafter, Bullet Dancer Burn, Bullet Dancer Dedication, Bullet Dancer Reload, Bullying Staff, Burning Spell, Butterfly Blade Dedication, Butterfly's Kiss, Butterfly's Sting, Cadence Call, Call Gun, Call Your Shot, Cannon Corner Shot, Captivating Intensity, Captivator Dedication, Careful Explorer, Cartwheel Dodge, Cascade Bearer's Flexibility, Cascade Bearer's Spellcasting, Cathartic Focus Spell, Cathartic Mage Dedication, Cautious Delver, Cavalier Dedication, Cavalier's Banner, Cavalier's Charge, Celebrity Dedication, Chain Reaction, Champion Dedication, Champion Resiliency, Champion's Reaction, Charged Creation, Choking Smoke, Claws of the Dragon, Clear the Way, Cleric Dedication, Clinch Strike, Cloud Walk, Collapse Wall, Command Attention, Communal Sustain, Communal Tale, Concentrated Assault, Confounding Image, Contortionist, Control Tower, Controlled Blast, Controlled Bullet, Converge, Coordinated Charge, Coughing Dragon Display, Counter Perform, Countercharm, Craft Facsimile, Crimson Shroud, Cross the Final Horizon, Cross the Threshold, Crossbow Terror, Crowd Mastery, Crude Communication, Crystal Keeper Dedication, Crystal Ward Spells, Cut the Bonds, Dandy Dedication, Daredevil's Gambit, Daring Act, Daring Flourish, Dazzling Bullet, Dead Reckoning, Deadly Butterfly, Death's Door, Decry Thief, Deeper Dabbler, Defend Mount, Deflecting Cloud, Deft Cooperation, Demanding Challenge, Demolitionist Dedication, Deny the Songs of War, Destructive Block, Determined Lore Seeker, Diabolic Certitude, Directed Poison, Disarming Block, Discerning Gaze, Discerning Strike, Disciple of Shade, Disciple's Breath, Disengaging Twist, Disk Rider, Disrupting Strikes, Distracting Flattery, Disturbing Defense, Diverse Armor Expert, Diverse Recognition, Diverse Weapon Expert, Divine Ally, Divine Breadth, Doctor's Visitation, Dodge Away, Dousing Spell, Draconic Scent, Dragon Arcana, Dragon Disciple Dedication, Drain Vitality, Draw from the Land, Dread Marshal Stance, Drenching Mist, Drive-By Attack, Drow Shootist Dedication, Druid Dedication, Dual Onslaught, Dual Thrower, Dualistic Synergy, Dual-Weapon Blitz, Dual-Weapon Reload, Dual-Weapon Warrior Dedication, Duelist Dedication, Duelist's Challenge, Duelist's Edge, Duo's Aim, Eagle Eye, Eagle Eyes, Edgewatch Detective Dedication, Educated Assessment, Efficient Controls, Efficient Rituals, Effortless Captivation, Eidetic Memorization, Elbow Breaker, Eldritch Archer Dedication, Eldritch Researcher Dedication, Elemental Familiar, Elementalist Dedication, Elude the Divine, Embed Aeon Stone, Emerald Boughs Accustomation, Emerald Boughs Hideaway, Emergency Medical Assistance, Enchanting Arrow, Endemic Herbs, Endure Death's Touch, Engine Bay, Entities from Afar, Environmental Explorer, Evasiveness (Rogue), Evasiveness (Swashbuckler), Everyone Duck!, Execution, Executioner Weapon Training, Expeditious Advance, Expert Alchemy, Expert Backstabber, Expert Bard Spellcasting, Expert Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Expert Captivator Spellcasting, Expert Cathartic Spellcasting, Expert Cleric Spellcasting, Expert Combat Eidolon, Expert Disassembler, Expert Druid Spellcasting, Expert Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Expert Fireworks Crafter, Expert Herbalism, Expert Magus Spellcasting, Expert Oracle Spellcasting, Expert Poisoner, Expert Scroll Cache, Expert Sorcerer Spellcasting, Expert Summoner Spellcasting, Expert Witch Spellcasting, Expert Wizard Spellcasting, Exploit Opening, Explosion, Explosive Entry, Express Driver, Eye of Ozem, Fabricated Connections, Fading, Familiar Conduit, Familiar Form, Familiar Mascot, Familiar Master Dedication, Fancy Moves, Field Artillery, Fighter Dedication, Fighter Resiliency, Finessed Features, Finishing Precision, Firearm Expert, Firebrand Braggart Dedication, Firework Technician Dedication, First Revelation, Fleet Tempo, Fleeting Shadow, Flensing Slice, Flexible Halcyon Spellcasting, Flexible Ritualist, Flexible Spellcaster Dedication, Flicker, Flourishing Finish, Focus Ally, Focused Juggler, Folklorist Dedication, Folktales Lore, Follow-Up Strike, Font of Knowledge, Foolproof Instructions, Forced Entry, Forceful Push, Forceful Shot, Forewarn, Form Lock (Wrestler), Fortified Flesh, Fresh Ingredients, Frightening Appearance, Frightful Condemnation, Fulminating Shot, Fulminating Synergy, Fused Polearm, Garden Path, Gardener's Resolve, Gaze of Veracity, Gear Gnash, Geomancer Dedication, Ghost Eater Dedication, Ghost Hunter Dedication, Ghost Strike, Giant Snare, Gladiator Dedication, Glyph Expert, Goblin Jubilee Display, Golden League Xun Dedication, Golem Dynamo, Golem Grafter Dedication, Gossip Lore, Graceful Leaper, Grave Sense, Grave's Voice, Great Boaster, Greater Magical Edification, Greater Magical Scholastics, Greater Spell Runes, Greater Sun Blessing, Grievous Blow, Gunpowder Gaunlet, Gunslinger Dedication, Halcyon Speaker Dedication, Halcyon Spellcasting Adept, Halcyon Spellcasting Initiate, Halcyon Spellcasting Sage, Hammer Quake, Harrying Strike, Harsh Judgment, Heal Animal, Healing Touch, Heaven's Thunder, Heightened Captivation, Hellknight Armiger Dedication, Hellknight Dedication, Hellknight Order Cross-Training, Hellknight Signifer Dedication, Hell's Armaments, Herbalist Dedication, Hidden Magic, Hideous Ululation, High-Quality Scrounger, Holistic Care, Horizon Walker Dedication, Hot Foot, Hurling Charge, Hybrid Study Spell, I Meant to do That, Impervious Vehicle, Impressive Mount, Improved Familiar (Familiar Master), Improvised Crafting, Improvised Critical, Improvised Pummel, Incredible Beastmaster's Companion, Incredible Familiar (Familiar Master), Incredible Mount, Incredible Recollection, Inescapable Grasp, Infectious Emotions, Initial Eidolon Ability, Innate Magic Intuition, Innocent Butterfly, Insistent Command, Inspirational Performance, Inspiring Marshal Stance, Instinct Ability, Interfering Surge, Inventor Dedication, Investigate Haunting, Investigator Dedication, Investigator's Stratagem, Invoke the Crimson Oath, Iron Lung, Jalmeri Heavenseeker Dedication, Janatimo's Lessons, Judgment of the Monolith, Juggernaut's Fortitude, Juggler Dedication, Jumping Jenny Display, Ka Stone Ritual, Keen Recollection, Keep Pace, Knight in Shining Armor, Knight Reclaimant Dedication, Knight Vigilant, Know it All, Know the Beat, Larcenous Hand, Lastwall Sentry Dedication, Lastwall Warden, Lead the Pack, Legendary Rider, Legs of Stone, Lethargy Poisoner, Levering Strike, Lingering Flames, Linguist Dedication, Lion Blade Dedication, Lion's Fury, Lion's Might, Live Ammunition, Living Monolith Dedication, Living Rune, Lobbed Attack, Log Roll, Look Again, Lore Seeker, Lorefinder, Loremaster Dedication, Lost in the Crowd, Lucky Escape, Magaambyan Attendant Dedication, Magic Arrow, Magic Finder, Magic Warrior Aspect, Magic Warrior Dedication, Magic Warrior Transformation, Magical Adaptation, Magical Edification, Magical Scholastics, Magus Dedication, Makeshift Strike, Maneuvering Spell, Mantis Form, Many Guises, Marshal Dedication, Martial Artist Dedication, Martial Exercise, Mask Familiar, Masked Casting, Master Alchemy, Master Bard Spellcasting, Master Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Master Captivator Spellcasting, Master Cathartic Spellcasting, Master Cleric Spellcasting, Master Druid Spellcasting, Master Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Master Magus Spellcasting, Master Oracle Spellcasting, Master Scroll Cache, Master Siege Engineer, Master Sorcerer Spellcasting, Master Spotter, Master Spotter (Investigator), Master Spotter (Ranger), Master Summoner Spellcasting, Master Witch Spellcasting, Master Wizard Spellcasting, Masterful Obfuscation, Mastermind's Eye, Master's Counterspell, Mature Beastmaster Companion, Mature Trained Companion, Mauler Dedication, Medic Dedication, Menacing Prowess, Mesmerizing Gaze, Metabolize Element, Mighty Bulwark, Mighty Dragon Shape, Mighty Wings, Minion Guise, Miraculous Flight, Mobile Magical Combat, Modular Dynamo, Monk Dedication, Monk Moves, Monk Resiliency, Monk's Flurry, Mortification, Mounted Shield, Multilingual Cipher, Murderer's Circle, Mutable Familiar, Mysterious Breadth, Named Artillery, Nameless Anonymity, Nantambu Chime-Ringer Dedication, Narrative Conduit, Necromantic Resistance, Necromantic Tenacity, Never Tire, Nimble Shield Hand, No Hard Feelings, Obscured Terrain, Observant Explorer, Occult Breadth, Ooze Empathy, Oozemorph Dedication, Opportune Throw, Opportunist, Opportunistic Grapple, Oracle Dedication, Order Spell, Order Training, Orthographic Mastery, Overwatch Dedication, Party Crasher, Patch Job, Path of Iron, Pathfinder Agent Dedication, Patron's Breadth, Peculiar Anatomy, Peer Beyond, Perfect Ki Adept, Perfect Strike, Perfection's Path, Performance Weapon Expert, Performative Weapons Training, Perpetual Scout, Persistent Creation, Phase Arrow, Phase Bullet, Phenom's Verve, Phonetic Training, Physical Training, Pin to the Spot, Pirate Dedication, Pirate Weapon Training, Pistol Phenom Dedication, Piston Punch, Pivot Strike, Play to the Crowd, Plentiful Snares, Poison Coat, Poisoner Dedication, Poisoner's Twist, Polearm Tricks, Posse, Poultice Preparation, Power Slide, Practiced Defender, Practiced Guidance, Practiced Reloads, Prayer Attack, Precious Arrow, Primal Breadth, Propeller Attachment, Protect Ally, Provocator Dedication, Push it, Quick Alchemy, Quick Change, Quick Fix, Quick Juggler, Quick Mount, Quick Shot, Quick Stow (Swordmaster), Quick Study, Quicken Heartbeat, Quickened Attunement, Rain-Scribe Mobility, Rain-Scribe Sustenance, Rallying Charge, Ranged Disarm, Ranger Dedication, Ranger Resiliency, Rapid Manifestation, Reach Beyond, Reach for the Sky, Reactive Charm, Read Shibboleths, Read the Land, Reaper of Repose, Recognize Threat, Recollect Studies, Recover Spell, Recycled Cogwheel, Red Mantis Assassin Dedication, Redirect Elements, Reflexive Catch, Reflexive Grip, Relentless Disarm, Reloading Trick, Remember Your Training, Reminder of the Greater Fear, Remote Trigger, Repeating Hand Crossbow Training, Repurposed Parts, Rescuer's Press, Resourceful Ritualist, Resuscitate, Retain Absorbed Spell, Reverse Engineering, Ritualist Dedication, Roadkill, Rockslide Spell, Rogue Dedication, Rope Mastery, Rope Runner, Rough Terrain Stance, Rubbery Skin, Rugged Survivalist, Rule of Three, Runelord Dedication, Runescarred Dedication, Running Tackle, Safe House, Safety Measures, Saving Slash, Scales of the Dragon, Scarecrow, Scattered Fire, Scholarly Defense, Scholastic Identification, School Counterspell, School Spell Redirection, Scout Dedication, Scout's Charge, Scout's Pounce, Scout's Speed, Scroll Trickster Dedication, Scrollmaster Dedication, Scrounger Dedication, Second Shield, Secrets of Shadow, Seeker Arrow, Seeker of Truths, Selfless Parry, Sense Alignment, Sense Chaos, Sentinel Dedication, Settlement Scholastics, Shadow Illusion, Shadow Magic, Shadow Master, Shadow Power, Shadow Reservoir, Shadow Sneak Attack, Shadow Spell, Shadow Spells, Shadowcaster Dedication, Shadowdancer Dedication, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Shape of the Cloud Dragon, Shape of the Dragon, Shared Attunment, Shared Synergy, Shattering Strike (Weapon Improviser), Shield Salvation, Shifting Terrain, Shining Arms, Shorthanded, Shoulder Catastrophe, Shoving Sweep, Signature Synergy, Signifer Armor Expertise, Signifer's Sight, Silent Sting, Simple Crystal Magic, Sin Reservoir, Sing to the Steel, Siphoning Touch, Six Pillars Stance, Sixth Pillar Dedication, Sixth Pillar Mastery, Skill Mastery (Investigator), Skill Mastery (Rogue), Skim Scroll, Sky and Heaven Stance, Skyseeker, Slinger's Readiness, Smoldering Explosion, Snap Out of It! (Marshal), Snap Out of It! (Pathfinder Agent), Snarecrafter Dedication, Sneak Attacker, Sniping Duo Dedication, Soaring Dynamo, Social Purview, Song of Grace and Speed, Sorcerer Dedication, Soul Arsenal, Soul Flare, Soulforger Dedication, Speaking Sky, Specialized Beastmaster Companion, Specialized Companion, Specialized Mount, Speedy Rituals, Spell Runes, Spell Trickster Dedication, Spellmaster Dedication, Spellmaster's Resilience, Spellmaster's Tenacity, Spellmaster's Ward, Spellshot Dedication, Spellstriker, Spinebreaker, Spirit Spells, Spiritual Explorer, Splendid Companion, Spot Translate, Spyglass Modification, Spy's Countermeasures, Staff Acrobat Dedication, Staff Sweep, Stage Fighting, Startling Appearance (Vigilante), Stasian Smash, Stave Off Catastrophe, Steal the Sky, Steal Vitality, Steel Skin, Steel Yourself!, Sterling Dynamo Dedication, Stone Blood, Stone Communion, Strange Script, Strangle, Strident Command, Student of Perfection Dedication, Student of the Dueling Arts, Stunning Appearance, Subjective Truth, Submission Hold, Summon Ensemble, Summoner Dedication, Sun's Fury, Superior Propulsion, Suplex, Sure Foot, Surprise Attack, Surprise Snare, Surprise Strike, Surreptitious Spellcaster, Surrounding Flames, Survivor of Desolation, Swap Investment, Swashbuckler Dedication, Swashbuckler's Riposte, Swashbuckler's Speed, Swift Intervention, Swordmaster Dedication, Synergistic Spell, Tactical Cadence, Tag Team, Take the Wheel, Talisman Dabbler Dedication, Talismanic Sage, Target of Opportunity, Targeted Redirection, Tempest-Sun Redirection, Tempest-Sun Shielding, Tense Negotiator, Terrain Scout, Terrain Shield, Terrifying Countenance, That was a Close One, Huh?, Thorough Reports, Tiller's Aid, Tiller's Drive, To Battle!, Tools of the Trade, Topple Foe, Topple Giants, Toppling Tentacles, Touch Focus, Tracing Sigil, Trampling Charge, Transcribe Moment, Trapsmith Dedication, Treat Condition, Triangulate, Trick Driver Dedication, Tumbling Opportunist, Tumbling Strike, Turpin Rowe Lumberjack Dedication, Unbelievable Escape, Unbelievable Luck, Uncanny Dodge, Uncanny Suction, Uneasy Rest, Unending Emptiness, Unexpected Sharpshooter Dedication, Unfazed Assessment, Unnerving Prowess, Unravel Mysteries, Unseat, Unshakable Idealism, Urgent Upwelling, Uzunjati Recollection, Uzunjati Storytelling, Vacate Vision, Vantage Shot, Vehicle Mechanic Dedication, Vernai Training, Vigilante Dedication, Vigil's Walls Rise Anew!, Viking Dedication, Viking Weapon Familiarity, Viking Weapon Specialist, Voice of Authority, Volatile Grease, Walk the Plank, Ward Casting, Ward Mind, Warding Light, Warding Rune, Watch and Learn, Wayfinder Resonance Infiltrator, Wayfinder Resonance Tinkerer, Weapon Improviser Dedication, Weapon-Rune Shifter, Wellspring Control, Wellspring Mage Dedication, Westyr's Wayfinder Repository, Whirling Knockdown, Whirlwind Stance, Wide Overwatch, Widen the Gap, Wild Lights, Wild Strider, Wind-Tossed Spell, Wings of the Dragon, Witch Dedication, Wizard Dedication, Words of Unraveling, Work Yourself Up, Wrestler Dedication, Zephyr Guard Dedication

Focus Spells

Beastmaster Trance