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PFS StandardThe Oscillating Wave

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 19
PFS Note Per design clarification, change the third sentence of the psychic’s Conservation of Energy ability to read “The first time in an encounter that you cast a granted spell from your conscious mind or a standard psi cantrip[...]” The intent is for Conservation of Energy to apply to produce flame and ray of frost, but not the unique cantrips, which are designed to function as written.

At the heart of all things is energy. Though it may change its form or resting place, it is eternal, fundamental, the purest of building blocks. Your powers let you shift energy—either concentrating it in a single point to explosive end or freezing objects by plundering it away— in an endless oscillation of temperature.

1st: burning hands; 2nd: heat metal; 3rd: fireball; 4th: fire shield; 5th: cone of cold; 6th: flame vortex; 7th: fiery body; 8th: polar ray; 9th: meteor swarm
Standard Psi Cantrips frostbite and ignition
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: thermal stasis; deeper: entropic wheel; deepest: redistribute potential

Conservation of Energy

Energy can't be created or destroyed, only transferred or changed. Whenever you use your magic to add or remove energy, you must then balance it with the opposing force. The first time in an encounter that you cast a granted spell or a standard psi cantrip from your conscious mind, decide whether you're adding energy or removing it. Once you add energy, you must remove energy the next time you cast one of these spells. When you Refocus, you restore yourself to a neutral state, allowing you to once again freely choose whether you add or remove energy on your next spell.

Adding Energy: The ability gains the fire trait, any damage it deals is fire damage, and any resistance it grants is to cold damage. It loses any traits matching damage types it no longer deals.
Removing Energy: The ability gains the cold trait, any damage it deals is cold damage, and any resistance it grants is to fire damage. It loses any traits matching damage types it no longer deals. Fiery body grants ray of frost instead of produce flame when cast this way.
Mindshift: When you use an action that has the mindshift trait, you can choose to add or remove energy to it instead of making it mental. Alter it as normal for adding or removing energy and change any save it requires to a Reflex save.


You can freeze people from even farther away. The range of your frostbite increases to 120 feet. Your frostbite also gains the following amp.

Amp You drain thermal energy at a distance, using what you plunder to replenish yourself. The orb deals 3d4 cold damage. You gain temporary Hit Points equal to half the damage the target takes (after applying resistances and the like). You lose any remaining temporary Hit Points after 1 minute.
Amp Heightened (+1) The initial damage increases by 2d4 instead of 1d4. The weakness on a critical failure increases by 1.


You can drastically increase the heat against targets at a distance. When using ignition as a ranged attack, increase the range to 60 feet. When using ignition as a melee attack, your reach increases by 5 feet. Your ignition also gains the following amp.

Amp You project pure heat that causes a target to combust. The initial damage changes to 1d10 fire damage plus 1 fire splash damage. When using amped ignition as a melee attack, increase the damage dice of the initial damage from d10s to d12s. You are not harmed by splash damage from amped ignition.
Amp Heightened (+1) Instead of using ignition’s normal heightened entry, the initial damage increases by 1d10 (1d12 for melee) and the splash damage increases by 1. The persistent fire damage on a critical hit increases by 1d4.