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Blighted Boons

Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
Magical manifestations of unusual power, blighted boons resemble consumables in that a creature can take in the manifestation to gain its effects. However, these manifestations contain powers not meant for mortals. Once someone partakes, they begin a slide toward disaster as the power eats away at their body, mind, or both. Death is a blessing compared to the fates awaiting those who consume some blighted boons.

Using Blighted Boons

Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
When someone finds a blighted boon, they discover its manifestation. Manifestations can seem innocuous, such as a potion in a bottle. Other manifestations are grander displays, such as crystallized flame. Some blighted boons have a storied history, so anyone who knows the legends knows the risks. Other blighted boons are more obscure, functioning like hazardous treasure.

Blighted boons can elevate your campaign in multiple ways. A creature might partake of a blighted boon without understanding the ramifications of doing so. Other beings might seek out a blighted boon for its gift, often to use the imparted might in a dire situation that merits taking the risks. Some blighted boons present their effects to potential users in visions or by other means. For such boons, no one can consume them without understanding, at least partly, what they're doing. In any case, a blighted boon offers great, temporary power at a cost, requiring daring undertakings to undo the long-term effects before it's too late.


Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
Someone who partakes of a blighted boon unwillingly can attempt a saving throw to resist the effect. The save DC equals 10 + the partaker's level. Those who willingly consume the boon can't attempt a save. A creature that fails the save or doesn't attempt one moves to the blighted boon's stage 1.

When a blighted boon imparts its initial effect on a partaker, the boon's manifestation disappears. Any pieces that remain contain none of the boon's power.

Those who roll a success or critical success at the save resist the boon. Such a partaker gains no further effect. In some cases, a blighted boon remanifests after this refusal, giving others the opportunity to partake of its power. Blighted boons that have this power say so in their descriptions. Others are used up, as with a consumable magic item.


Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
A blighted boon grows in potency within the user's body, progressing in stages. While in any stage from a blighted boon, the partaker is temporarily immune to other versions of the same blighted boon. Unless the boon's description says otherwise, the effects of each stage combine, often growing stronger over time.


Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
Blighted boon stages advance in intervals, amounts of time shown in parentheses for each stage. Once a stage's interval passes, the partaker can attempt a saving throw against the blighted boon. The save DC equals 10 + the partaker's level + the blighted boon's current stage + the number of previous successful saving throws. On a failure, the partaker advances to the next stage. Success means the boon remains at its current stage for the same interval. The partaker can't reduce a blighted boon's stage. To do that, the blight must be subjected to successful purging.

Saving Throws

Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
If an effect a partaker creates with a blighted boon requires the target to attempt a saving throw, the DC equals the character's class DC or the DC you assign to an NPC or monster. If the partaker must attempt a save against the blighted boon, unless stated otherwise (such as in the Intervals section), the DC equals 10 + the partaker's level + the blighted boon's current stage.


Source Treasure Vault pg. 186 1.1
Most blighted boons affect those who die under the boon's effects in special, unusual ways, as noted in a boon's description. Also, every blighted boon destroys a user who uses the boon's power too long. This doom varies in form.


Source Treasure Vault pg. 187 1.1
A blighted boon is difficult to get rid of, and the Purging section of each boon entry details the only way to do so. If a partaker satisfies the Purging conditions, all the blighted boon's effects end. For other effects that suppress or dispel magic, treat a blighted boon as an artifact.