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Elemental, Metal

Source Rage of Elements pg. 153
Metal elementals can manifest in a wide variety of different forms, from shapeless amalgams of different metals to humanoid and beast-like monstrosities.


Abysium Horror (Creature 10), Ferrous Butterfly (Creature 1), Kinzaruk (Creature 3), Living Lodestone (Creature 6), Melomach (Creature 13), Mercurial (Creature 2), Nanoshard Swarm (Creature 9), Oregorger (Creature 11), Quickiron Plasm (Creature 4), Rust Scarab (Creature 5), Skymetal Striker (Creature 7)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Metal Forms

Though metal elementals are made almost entirely of metal, most are composed of layers of different metals in tiny fragments, as complex as a body of flesh or plant matter. Many of these metals are rusted or decayed from the natural, slow entropy of the Plane of Metal.


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The Elemental Planes—primordial realms defined by aspects of air, earth, fire, or water—are home to a diverse group of beings known as elementals. Spellcasters on the Material Plane call upon elementals for aid, though these enigmatic creatures can also travel to the world of mortals via interplanar gateways and rifts. The elementals on these pages exemplify the creatures of the Elemental Planes, but this list is by no means exhaustive.