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FiredrakeItem 8

Legacy Content

Uncommon Huge Mounted 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 175
Price 1,000 gp; Ammunition alchemical fire barrel (50 gp, 3 Bulk)
Usage mounted (black powder); Space 15 feet long, 12 feet wide, 10 feet high
Crew 3-5; Proficiency martial
AC 22; Fort +16; Ref +9
Hardness 12; HP 70 (BT 35); Immunities object immunities
Speed 15 feet (pushed or pulled)
This alchemical black powder hybrid siege weapon uses a blast of black powder to spray alchemical fire from a long metal nozzle, often sculpted or painted with designs resembling a dragon's neck and head. The nozzle turns on a ratcheted, rotating disc with a reservoir in the center to hold a barrel full of combustible alchemical liquid, using black powder to propel the fire. This main structure is atop a wheeled cart to allow it to be easily moved. Unlike most mounted siege weapons, a firedrake is intended to be wheeled out into the thick of a skirmish rather than shooting from a distance.
Aim [two-actions] rotate 45ยบ
Load [two-actions] (manipulate) 3 times, requires a successful DC 20 Athletics check
Launch [one-action] (manipulate) 8d6 fire plus 1d6 persistent fire, 60-foot line or 30-foot cone, DC 23 Reflex. Switching between the firedrake's line or cone mode takes an Interact action, and any of the crew can perform the action.