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PFS StandardFlask of FellowshipItem 2

Conjuration Magical 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 184 1.1
Price 25 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
This is a metal drinking flask, 4 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall. Its screw top is covered by four simple metal cups that nest together.

Activate Make an Impression ; Effect If you share drinks from a flask of fellowship as part of your Make an Impression action, the drink that pours from the flask happens to be exactly what the target of your efforts would most like to have a dram or two of—wine, spirits, hot ginger tea, or ice cold water with lemon, for example. You gain a +1 item bonus on your Diplomacy check.

The GM can disallow the flask's use if it doesn't make sense in the moment for you to pull out a flask and start pouring, if drinks are inappropriate for the occasion, or if your target is absolutely not interested in sharing a drink with you. Drinks from the flask of fellowship are entirely social; they won't intoxicate anyone, nor alleviate serious thirst.