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PFS StandardGiant Crawling Hand

A giant crawling hand is the appendage of a very large creature, such as a giant.

Recall Knowledge - Undead (Religion): DC 20
Unspecific Lore: DC 18
Specific Lore: DC 15

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Proficiency without Level

Giant Crawling HandCreature 5

NE Medium Undead 
Source Bestiary 2 pg. 56 2.0
Perception +12; lifesense 30 feet, tremorsense (imprecise) 30 feet
Languages Common; can't speak any language
Skills Athletics +13, Stealth +11, Survival +12
Str +4, Dex +2, Con +4, Int -4, Wis +3, Cha +0
AC 22; Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +10
HP 75 (negative healing); Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, unconscious, visual
Pus Burst Trigger The giant crawling hand takes piercing or slashing damage; Effect A random creature adjacent to the giant crawling hand is sprayed with vile pus that deals 4d6 negative damage. The affected creature must attempt a DC 21 Reflex save. Critical Success The creature takes no damage. Success The creature takes half damage and becomes sickened 1. Failure The creature takes full damage and becomes sickened 2. Critical Failure The creature takes double damage and becomes sickened 3.
Speed 20 feet
Melee claw +15 [+10/+5], Damage 2d6+7 slashing plus GrabMark Quarry A crawling hand can be assigned a quarry by anointing the hand with a drop of the intended quarry's blood. If the hand ever has no quarry, it automatically gains the next creature it damages as its quarry. The hand gains a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when it Seeks its quarry, to Survival checks when it Tracks its quarry, and damage rolls when it Strikes its quarry.

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Giant Crawling Hand5

Crawling Hand

Source Bestiary 2 pg. 56 2.0
Typically, crawling hands are formed when severed appendages are endowed with a crude sentience by evil necromantic energies that turn them into tireless killers. Yet crawling hands can also arise spontaneously, usually when a creature loses an appendage in a place rife with necromantic energy or with a connection to the Negative Energy Plane.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Crawling Hand Origins

A popular tale among necromancers tells of an ancient wizard who trafficked in evil magic. During a summoning ritual gone wrong, the wizard's hand became possessed and later strangled them while they slept. The hand dragged the corpse across the wizard's rooms to their workbench, propped up a knife in a vise, and severed itself from the rest of the body. According to the story, the hand went on to commit several more murders and disappeared into the sewers of a major metropolis, never to be seen again. Some necromancers believe that this original crawling hand still creeps through the shadows of that city, killing as it pleases