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Chapter 6: Equipment / Gear


Source Player Core pg. 294
Formulas are formalized instructions for making items. Their primary purpose is to reduce the time it takes you to start the Craft activity, which is helpful for items you'll make frequently. You can usually read a formula as long as you can read the language it's written in, even if you lack the skill to Craft the item. Often, alchemists and crafting guilds use obscure languages or create codes to protect their formulas. If you obtain a formula for an uncommon or rarer item, you have access to that item so you can Craft it. These formulas can be significantly more valuable—if you can find them at all!

For the Price listed on the table, you can buy a common formula or pay an NPC to let you copy their formula. A purchased formula is typically a schematic on rolled-up parchment of light Bulk. You can copy a formula into your formula book in 1 hour.

If you have a formula, you can Craft a copy of it using the Crafting skill. You can also Craft a formula by reverse-engineering it from an item you possess. Use the formula's Price and the item's Craft DC. You must meet any requirements to Craft the item, except you don't need to have access to the item or meet any special Craft Requirements listed in the item's stat block unless the GM determines otherwise.

Table 6-13: Formulas

Item LevelFormula Price
0*5 sp
11 gp
22 gp
33 gp
45 gp
58 gp
613 gp
718 gp
825 gp
935 gp
1050 gp
1170 gp
12100 gp
13150 gp
14225 gp
15325 gp
16500 gp
17750 gp
181,200 gp
192,000 gp
203,500 gp
*Formulas for all 0-level common items from this chapter can be purchased collectively in a basic crafter's book.