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Gamemastery Guide

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Release Date 2/26/2020
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Curses [16]

Coward's Roots, Curse of Nightmares, Curse of Slumber, Curse of the Ravenous, Grave Curse, Oath of the Flesh, Reviled of Nature, Reviling Earth, Sellsword's Folly, Slayer's Haunt, Spirit Anchor, Sword of Anathema, Theft of Thought, Thief's Retribution, Unending Thirst, Wizard's Ward

Diseases [15]

Addiction, Blinding Sickness, Bog Rot, Bonechill, Brain Worms, Bubonic Plague, Choking Death, Crimson Ooze, Malaria, Nightmare Fever, Scarlet Fever, Scarlet Leprosy, Sewer Haze, Tetanus, Tuberculosis

Equipment [45]

Alcohol, Axe of the Dwarven Lords, Bag of Devouring, Bag of Devouring Type I, Bag of Devouring Type II, Bag of Devouring Type III, Bag of Weasels, Blood Sap, Bloodeye Coffee, Boots of Dancing, Cloak of Immolation, Cytillesh, Deck of Many Things, Dreamtime Tea, Elder Sign, Elven Absinthe, Essence Prism, Flayleaf, Forgefather's Seal, Genius Diadem, Gloves of Carelessness, Horns of Naraga, Martyr's Shield, Medusa Armor, Mirror of Sorshen, Monkey's Paw, Necklace of Strangulation, Orb of Dragonkind, Philosopher's Extractor, Poisonous Cloak, Poisonous Cloak Type I, Poisonous Cloak Type II, Poisonous Cloak Type III, Poisonous Cloak Type IV, Refined Pesh, Ring of Truth, Scour, Serithtial, Shiver, Shot of the First Vault, Singing Sword, Sphere of Annihilation, Stone of Weight, Talisman of the Sphere, Zerk

Feats [2]

Encouraging Words, Steel Your Resolve

Hazards [17]

Brown Mold, Confounding Betrayal, Dance of Death, Eternal Flame, Flensing Blades, Ghostly Choir, Grasp of the Damned, Green Slime, Hampering Web, Jealous Abjurer, Perilous Flash Flood, Plummeting Doom, Shrieker, Snowfall, Spectral Reflection, Titanic Flytrap, Treacherous Scree

Item Curses [14]

Arrow Attracting, Arsonous, Backbiting, Bloodbiter, Degenerating, Dependent, Dreary, Erratic Transposing, Grandstanding, Overdramatic, Raucous, Ravenous, Staining, Withering

NPCs [83]

Acolyte of Nethys, Acrobat, Adept, Advisor, Antipaladin, Apothecary, Apprentice, Archer Sentry, Assassin, Astronomer, Bandit, Barkeep, Barrister, Beast Tamer, Beggar, Bodyguard, Bosun, Bounty Hunter, Burglar, Captain of the Guard, Charlatan, Chronicler, Commoner, Cult Leader, Cultist, Dancer, Demonologist, Despot, Dockhand, Drunkard, Executioner, False Priest, Farmer, Fence, Gang Leader, Grave Robber, Gravedigger, Guard, Guide, Guildmaster, Harbormaster, Harrow Reader, Hunter, Innkeeper, Jailer, Judge, Librarian, Mage for Hire, Mastermind, Merchant, Miner, Monster Hunter, Navigator, Necromancer, Noble, Palace Guard, Physician, Pirate, Plague Doctor, Poacher, Priest of Pharasma, Prisoner, Prophet, Reckless Scientist, Ruffian, Saboteur, Sage, Servant, Server, Ship Captain, Smith, Spy, Surgeon, Tax Collector, Teacher, Tomb Raider, Torchbearer, Tracker, Troubadour, Urchin, Warden, Watch Officer, Zealot of Asmodeus

Planes [22]

Abaddon, Abyss, Astral Plane, Axis, Boneyard, Dimension of Time, Dreamlands, Elysium, Ethereal Plane, First World, Heaven, Hell, Maelstrom, Material Plane, Negative Energy Plane, Nirvana, Plane of Air, Plane of Earth, Plane of Fire, Plane of Water, Positive Energy Plane, Shadow Plane

Relic Gifts [72]

Angelic Vessel, Apothecary's Garden, Beast Senses, Bestow Life, Blazing Soul, Bottomless Reservoir, Call of the Wild, Command Legion, Curse Wound, Dancing Shadow, Dark Roads, Deadly Spark, Death Gaze, Divine Retribution, Ease Burden, Encompassing Darkness, Feather Steps, Feral Claws, Fiendish Bargain, Fiendish Defiance, Flare Bolt, Flowing Footsteps, Form of Fury, Form of Vengeance, Grappling Vine, Grim Specter, Healing Wave, Heat Haze, Heaven's Grace, Holy Light, Incandescent Sight, Inextinguishable, Jet Propulsion, Lashing Currents, Life Everlasting, Lightning Storm, Linguistic Nexus, Little Helper, Living Death, Living Statue, Living Storm, Megaflora, Mental Bastion, Monsoon Curtain, Obscure, Overflowing Life, Perception Filter, Petal Dance, Pierce the Veil, Pollen Spray, Profane Fervor, Propelling Winds, Psychic Scream, Raise Ramparts, Recalculate, Repository of Knowledge, Righteous Call, Ripples and Waves, Rolling Geode, Searing Wave, Shadow Smith, Shattered Earth, Shroud of the Afterlife, Sprout Ally, Tidal Crash, Tide of Death, Track of the Beast, Umbral Body, Underground Bounty, Vitality Siphon, Wind Barrier, Word of Faith

Rules [6]

Chapter 1: Gamemastery Basics, Chapter 2: Tools , Chapter 3: Subsystems, Chapter 4: Variant Rules, Chapter 5: NPC Gallery, Introduction

Spells [1]

Touch of Corruption

Traits [24]

Artifact (Equipment), City (Settlement), Cursed (Equipment), Drug (Equipment), Erratic (Planar), Finite (Planar), Flowing (Planar), High Gravity (Planar), Immeasurable (Planar), Intelligent (Equipment), Low Gravity (Planar), Metamorphic (Planar), Metropolis (Settlement), Microgravity (Planar), Reckless, Sentient (Planar), Stamina (AoN-Special), Static (Planar), Strange Gravity (Planar), Subjective Gravity (Planar), Timeless (Planar), Town (Settlement), Unbounded (Planar), Village (Settlement)

Vehicles [12]

Airship, Carriage, Cart, Galley, Glider, Heavy Chariot, Light Chariot, Rowboat, Sailing Ship, Sleigh, Steam Giant, Wagon