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Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 57 2.0
Your studies have made you savvy in many areas, but one in particular drew your intense interest. Choose a methodology.

PFS StandardAlchemical Sciences

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 57 2.0
Your methodology emphasizes chemical and alchemical analysis, collecting information from unusual particles and fluids found on the scene. You possess enough alchemical know-how to whip up a few tinctures to help you with your cases.

You're trained in Crafting and gain the Alchemical Crafting skill feat. In addition, you gain a standard formula book for free and learn the formulas for two additional common 1st-level alchemical items, which must be elixirs or tools. Each time you gain a level, you learn the formula for one common alchemical elixir or alchemical tool of any level of item you can create.

During your daily preparations, you can create a number of versatile vials—alchemical concoctions that can quickly be turned into elixirs and tools— equal to your Intelligence modifier. You can use the Quick Tincture action to turn one of these vials into an elixir or alchemical tool for which you know the formula.

Quick Tincture [one-action]

Investigator Manipulate 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 57 2.0
Cost 1 versatile vial
Requirements You know the formula for the alchemical item you're creating, you are holding or wearing alchemist's tools, and you have a free hand.
You quickly brew up a short-lived tincture. You create a single alchemical elixir or tool of your level or lower without having to spend the normal monetary cost in alchemical reagents or needing to attempt a Crafting check. This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until the end of the current turn.

PFS StandardEmpiricism

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 57 2.0
Everything comes down to data. Calculating statistics, running numbers, and using inductive reasoning allows you to determine the most likely outcome of any scenario, and anything out of place draws your keen attention.

You are trained in one Intelligence-based skill of your choice. You gain the That's Odd investigator feat, and you gain the Expeditious Inspection free action.

Expeditious Inspection [free-action]

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 57 2.0
Frequency once per 10 minutes
You observe and assess your surroundings with great speed. You Recall Knowledge, Seek, or Sense Motive.

PFS StandardForensic Medicine

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 58 2.0
You've learned that in most cases, especially murders, criminals tend to leave more evidence of the crime on the body than they'd like to believe. Information from bruising, bone fractures, blood spatters, and even the life cycle of carrion insects can provide valuable clues that help reconstruct the scene.

You're trained in Medicine and gain the Forensic Acumen and Battle Medicine skill feats. When you use Battle Medicine, on a success the target recovers additional Hit Points equal to your level, and the target becomes temporarily immune for only 1 hour, not 1 day.

PFS StandardInterrogation

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 58 2.0
People can't help but trust you, whether through your inherent likableness or your firm insistence on sticking to the truth. You have a way about you that gets others talking, and you've developed interrogative techniques to help you get to the truth of your investigations.

You are trained in Diplomacy. You gain the No Cause for Alarm skill feat. You can also Pursue a Lead over the course of a conversation rather than spending dedicated time looking into the lead, provided the conversation lasts 1 minute or longer. For example, while trying to Make an Impression, you could pursue the creature you're conversing with as a lead, and you could Pursue a Lead about an object while someone is telling you information about that object. You also gain the Pointed Question action.

Pointed Question [one-action]

Auditory Concentrate Investigator Linguistic Mental 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 58 2.0
You ask a question that charms or needles someone in just the right way. Ask a question of a non-allied creature that you can see and have been conversing with. Attempt a Diplomacy check against the creature's Will DC. The creature is then temporarily immune for 1 hour.

Critical Success The target must directly answer your question. It doesn't have to answer truthfully, but you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to your Perception DC if the creature attempts to Lie to you.
Success As critical success, but the circumstance bonus is +2.
Failure The target can refuse to answer you as normal.
Critical Failure The target can refuse to answer you as normal, and its attitude toward you decreases by one step due to your aggravating attention.