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Outer RiftsPlane

Source GM Core pg. 181
Category Outer Sphere Planes
Divinities Camazotz, demon lords, Droskar, Ghlaunder, goblin hero-gods, Gyronna, Lady Nanbyo, Lamashtu, nascent demon lords, qlippoth lords
Native Inhabitants demons, shades (larvae), qlippoth
Like a corrosive rot in the roots of the Outer Sphere, or an antithetical, rival reality run aground into the Maelstrom at the dawn of time, the Outer Rifts is a place of horror and destruction fed by mortal sin. Each of its innumerable regions is a unique iteration of chaos and malice, each with its own terrible and twisted environment, with one driving maxim: the strong survive, while the weak suffer and are destroyed. Ruled by demons, and before them by the alien, nightmarish qlippoth, the Outer Rifts and its native beings seek only to ruin and destroy. Though demons routinely rampage out into other planes when the Outer Rifts manifests a great planar rift, the denizens of the Outer Rifts are fractured and self-destructive. Demon lords such as Dagon, Pazuzu, and Zura, and even gods including the ascended demon lord Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters, fight for dominion over the Outer Rifts as much or more than they threaten the other planes.

Though dangerous, not every realm of the Outer Rifts is immediately hostile to the prepared traveler. Shamira’s city of Alushinyrra in the Midnight Isles and Abraxas’s library-city of Diovengia in the realm of Pleroma are each welcoming in their own dark ways. Even those who survive a journey through the Outer Rifts, however, inevitably must resist being deeply corrupted by the experience.