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Soul Seeds

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 229 1.1
Part magical item, part undefined mote of sentience, soul seeds are sources of magic that come to reside within a creature, granting diverse and powerful abilities. In the rare cases when a soul seed isn't already bound to a living soul, it looks like a glowing mote with a crystal-like center, often centering on a point of light.

Rarity: Rare
Soul seeds are a special type of intangible relic, though because they bind to the soul of the creature that carries them, they can't be removed from the creature they're bonded with except on that creature's death (at which point the soul seed might manifest nearby or might be lost along with the bearer). Since soul seeds aren't physical objects, they never have Interact activations.

Soul Seed Gifts

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 230 1.1
The GM should follow the same guidelines and rules for granting soul seeds as for relics. They can have any aspect or gift that a normal relic has, and their DCs, spell attack rolls, and counteract modifiers are determined identically. The following gifts are particularly appropriate for soul seeds, though they might apply to relics in the right circumstances. Dragon gifts are often connected to the souls of ancient dragons, and soul gifts are prevalent across all sorts of soul seeds.

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