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Theme Template

Source Gods & Magic pg. 9 2.0
Theme templates (introduced in the Lost Omens Character Guide) allow a GM to replicate creatures and NPCs that worship specific deities. When you add a theme template that grants many additional abilities, you should consider removing one or more of the creature’s original abilities to compensate, or raising the creature’s level by 1 and adjusting its statistics accordingly so as to add the template’s abilities without taking anything away. Either way, a template adds abilities based on the creature’s final level; for example, if you raised a 6th-level creature to 7th level, adjusted its numbers, and added a template, it would gain the 7th-level or higher template abilities. A deity’s theme template works as follows.

All Creatures: Add any traits in the deity’s alignment. Remove any alignment traits not in the deity’s alignment.

1st Level or Higher: Add the deity’s favored weapon and a wooden religious symbol of the deity to the creature’s items. Add a favored weapon Strike with an attack bonus equal to the creature’s highest melee or ranged Strike (whichever is appropriate). If the favored weapon is simple, increase the damage die of that Strike by one step.

4th Level or Higher: The creature can cast the initial domain spell of one of the deity’s domains and gains a pool of 1 Focus Point.

7th Level or Higher: The creature can cast the 1st-level spell the deity grants clerics three times per day as a divine innate spell.

12th Level or Higher: The creature can cast the advanced domain spell of the domain you chose for 4th level or higher, and its focus pool increases to 2 Focus Points.

17th Level or Higher: The creature has been truly blessed. Either the creature can cast the deity’s other deity spells of up to 7th level once per day each as divine innate spells, or, at the GM’s discretion, the creature gains the benefits of one of the deity’s boons.