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Urnak Lostwind

This creature did not include a description.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 42
Unspecific Lore: DC 40
Specific Lore: DC 37

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Urnak LostwindCreature 14

Source Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight! pg. 41
Male half-orc viking
Perception +25
Languages Common, Orcish, Skald
Skills Athletics +27, Intimidation +23, Sailing Lore +23, Survival +25
Str +5, Dex +3, Con +5, Int +1, Wis +3, Cha +1
Items +2 resilient hide armor, +2 greater striking frost greataxe
AC 34; Fort +27, Ref +23, Will +25
HP 310; Resistances cold 10
Attack of Opportunity Urnak gets 1 extra reaction each turn that he can use only to make an Attack of Opportunity.
Speed 20 feet
Melee greataxe +27 [+22/+17] (magical, sweep), Damage 3d12+13 slashing plus 1d6 coldBrutally Disarm Requirements Urnak is wielding a two-handed weapon in both hands; Effect Urnak attempts to Disarm a creature within reach. On a success or critical success, Urnak deals 13 damage of the weapon's type to the Disarmed creature. If he rolls a failure to Disarm, he gets a success instead.Felling Throw Urnak makes a ranged Strike with his greataxe. He has a +25 attack modifier for this Strike and the thrown greataxe's range increment is 40 feet. If he damages a flying creature, it descends 120 feet, possibly falling on the ground.Ricochet Throw When Urnak uses Felling Throw, his greataxe bounces back to him at the end of the action and he can catch it as a free action. If he uses Felling Throw again before the end of his turn (even if it's not at the same target), the attack ignores all cover.Sweep Aside Urnak makes a melee greataxe Strike. If he hits a creature of his size or smaller, he can move it 5 feet in any direction, or 10 feet on a critical hit.