Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 4.0
A creature with this trait is a member of the human ancestry. Humans are a diverse array of people known for their adaptability. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by humans.




Adapted Cantrip, Adaptive Adept, Advanced General Training, Arcane Tattoos, Bounce Back, Clever Improviser, Cooperative Nature, Cooperative Soul, Courteous Comeback, Darkseer, Devil's Advocate, Dragon Prince, Dragon Spit, General Training, Gloomseer, Group Aid, Hardy Traveler, Haughty Obstinacy, Heir of the Saoc, Heroic Presence, Incredible Improvisation, Irriseni Ice-Witch, Keep Up Appearances, Know Oneself, Multitalented, Natural Ambition, Natural Skill, Ornate Tattoo, Quah Bond, Saoc Astrology, Sense Allies, Shadow Pact, Shory Aerialist, Shory Aeromancer, Stubborn Persistence, Tupilaq Carver, Unconventional Expertise, Unconventional Weaponry, Viking Shieldbearer, Virtue-Forged Tattoos, Wavetouched Paragon, Witch Warden


Aasimar Redeemer, Aphorite Sharpshooter, Changeling Exile, City Guard Squadron, Dhampir Wizard, Duskwalker Ghost Hunter, Ganzi Martial Artist, Gurgist Mauler, Hellbound Attorney, Hellknight Cavalry Brigade, Ifrit Pyrochemist, Manticore Paaridar, Nosferatu Thrall, Oread Guard, Suli Dune Dancer, Sylph Sneak, Tiefling Adept, Undine Hydromancer, Wereant Disciple, Wereant Poisoner, Werebat, Werebear, Wereboar, Werecrocodile, Wererat, Weretiger, Werewolf


Acolyte of Nethys, Acrobat, Adept, Advisor, Amiri (Level 1), Amiri (Level 11), Antipaladin, Apothecary, Apprentice, Archer Sentry, Assassin, Astronomer, Bandit, Barkeep, Barrister, Beast Tamer, Beggar, Bodyguard, Bosun, Bounty Hunter, Burglar, Captain of the Guard, Charlatan, Chronicler, Commoner, Cult Leader, Cultist, Dancer, Demonologist, Despot, Dockhand, Drunkard, Edolpho Phinelli, Ekundayo (Level 1), Ekundayo (Level 6), Eleukas, Executioner, False Priest, Farmer, Fence, Gang Leader, Grave Robber, Gravedigger, Guard, Guide, Guildmaster, Harbormaster, Harrow Reader, Hellknight Paravicar, Hunter, Innkeeper, Jailer, Judge, Kalaggi Nakutu, Librarian, Lisavet, Mage for Hire, Mastermind, Merchant, Miner, Monster Hunter, Morlibint, Navigator, Necromancer, Noble, Palace Guard, Pathfinder Field Agent, Pathfinder Venture-Captain, Physician, Pirate, Plague Doctor, Poacher, Priest of Pharasma, Prisoner, Privateer Captain, Prophet, Rain-Scribe, Reckless Scientist, Ruffian, Saboteur, Sage, Servant, Server, Ship Captain, Smith, Spy, Surgeon, Tax Collector, Teacher, Tempest-Sun Mage, Tomb Raider, Torchbearer, Tracker, Tristian (Level 1), Tristian (Level 10), Troubadour, Ufi, Urchin, Valerie (Level 1), Valerie (Level 9), Veteran Reclaimer, Virtuous Defender, Warden, Watch Officer, Wendlyn, Zane Ikundi, Zealot of Asmodeus, Zhang Yong