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PFS StandardMetal

Source Rage of Elements pg. 14

Impulse Feats

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Elemental BlastLevel 1

1d8 piercing or slashing, 30 feet

Impulse Junction (Single Gate)Level 1

Choose acid, electricity, or piercing. Until the start of your next turn, each time a creature touches you or damages you with an unarmed melee attack or nonreach melee weapon, it takes damage of the chosen type equal to half your level (minimum 1 damage).

Gate JunctionLevel 5

Critical Blast The target takes 1d6 persistent bleed damage; if the creature has the metal trait or is made of metal, it instead takes 1d6 persistent damage with no type from rust. You gain an item bonus to this persistent damage equal to your item bonus to impulse attack rolls, such as from a gate attenuator.
Elemental Resistance electricity, metal
Aura Junction Your enemies in the aura take a –1 status penalty to attacks with metal objects, and they take a –1 status penalty to AC if they're wearing metal armor, have the metal trait, or are made of metal.
Skill Junction Crafting, Quick Repair