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Nature (Wis)

Source Player Core pg. 242
You know about the natural world, and you command and train animals and magical beasts.

Nature Trained Actions

Item Bonuses for Nature - Common Items

Item Bonuses for Common items

NaturePrimeval Mistletoe+16Other Worn ItemsNo
NatureSerene Mutagen (Lesser)+11Alchemical ElixirsYes
NatureSprite Apple (Chartreuse)+15Alchemical FoodYes
NatureDruid's Vestments+210Other Worn ItemsNo
NatureTales in Timber+210Specific Magic ArmorNoNature checks to Recall Knowledge
NatureWarden's Signet+211Other Worn ItemsNo
NatureEidolon Cape+211Other Worn ItemsNosummoner with primal eidolon only
NatureTales in Timber (Greater)+213Specific Magic ArmorNoNature checks to Recall Knowledge
NaturePrimeval Mistletoe (Greater)+214Other Worn ItemsNo
NatureSerene Mutagen (Moderate)+23Alchemical ElixirsYes
NatureTales in Timber (Major)+318Specific Magic ArmorNoNature checks to Recall Knowledge
NaturePossibility Tome+318Held ItemsNochecks to Recall Knowledge
NatureSerene Mutagen (Greater)+311Alchemical ElixirsYes
NatureSerene Mutagen (Major)+417Alchemical ElixirsYes

Item Bonuses for Uncommon/Rare/Unique items

NatureUrsine Avenger Hood+12ArtifactsNoNature checks to Command an Animal
NatureBroken Tusk Pendant+13Other Worn ItemsNo+1 item bonus to Nature checks; this bonus increases to +2 when you Command an Animal of the specific kind depicted by the pendant.
NatureBullhook +23Held ItemsNoNature checks to Command an Animal
NatureSwiftmount Saddle+27Companion ItemsNoNature checks made to Command an Animal for anyone who is riding the creature wearing it.
NatureSpangled Rider's Suit+29Specific Magic ArmorNoCommand an Animal you are riding
NatureBullhook (Greater) +212Held ItemsNoNature checks to Command an Animal
NatureDragonfire Halfbow+212Specific Magic WeaponsNoApply the bow’s item bonus to Nature checks to Command your mount.
NatureBroken Tusk Pendant (Greater)+213Other Worn ItemsNo+2 item bonus to Nature checks (+3 to Command an Animal of the type depicted by the pendant).
NatureAeon Stone (Amplifying)+216Other Worn ItemsNoBonus corresponds to the tradition of the last spell you enhanced with this aeon stone.
NatureThe Silent Hag+220The Deck of DestinyNoNature checks to Recall Knowledge (+3 at 17th level)

Related Feats

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Nature Untrained Actions

Command an Animal [one-action]

Auditory Concentrate 
Source Player Core pg. 242
You issue an order to an animal. Attempt a Nature check against the animal's Will DC. The GM might adjust the DC if the animal has a good attitude toward you, you suggest a course of action it was predisposed toward, or you offer it a treat.

You automatically fail if the animal is hostile or unfriendly to you. If the animal is helpful to you, increase your degree of success by one step. You might be able to Command an Animal more easily with a feat like Ride. Most animals know the Drop Prone, Leap, Seek, Stand, Stride, and Strike basic actions. If an animal knows an activity, such as a horse's Gallop, you can Command the Animal to perform the activity, but you must spend as many actions on Command an Animal as the activity's number of actions. You can also spend multiple actions to Command the Animal to perform that number of basic actions on its next turn; for instance, you could spend 3 actions to Command an Animal to Stride three times or to Stride twice and then make a Strike.

Success The animal does as you command on its next turn.
Failure The animal is hesitant or resistant, and it does nothing.
Critical Failure The animal misbehaves or misunderstands, and it takes some other action determined by the GM.

Commanded Animals

Issuing commands to an animal doesn't always go smoothly. An animal is an independent creature with limited intelligence. Most animals understand only the simplest instructions, so you might be able to instruct an animal to move to a certain square but not dictate a specific path to get there, or command it to attack a certain creature but not to make its attack nonlethal. The GM decides the specifics of the action the animal uses.

The animal does what you commanded as soon as it can, usually as its first action on its next turn. If you successfully commanded it multiple times, it does what you said in order. It forgets all commands beyond what it can accomplish on its turn. If multiple people command the same animal, the GM determines how the animal reacts. The GM might also make the DC higher if someone has already tried to Command the Animal that round.

If you have a pet, animal companion, familiar, or similar minion, you can command it much more effectively.