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PFS StandardPrecise Discipline

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Determine intended outcome. Align thoughts. Identify and resolve distractions. Manifest. Intentional focus is the key to unleashing your abilities, whether that's because your power naturally tends to precise, discrete effects, or because you've adopted strict discipline to ensure your mind can change the world only when you intend it to.

Your thought components are calculations you make to determine the forces you need to call upon. Perhaps you mentally weigh the mass of an object against the force of gravity to levitate it or you might determine exactly how much energy is needed for an object to combust. Calculation components tend to impart ordered visual and auditory effects to your spell manifestation, such as regular tessellations of light, mathematical spirals, or harmonic tones.

Key Ability Your key ability score is Intelligence.
Psyche Action Calculate Threats

Calculate Threats [one-action]

Mental Psyche Psychic 
Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Your subconscious automatically calculates vectors and forces when your mind is unleashed, showing you the likely path of incoming attacks to avoid. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and Reflex saves until the beginning of your next turn.