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Source Player Core pg. 295
The Prices for animals are listed both for renting and for purchasing them outright. You usually need to pay for animal rentals up front, and if the vendor believes the animal might be put in danger, they typically require a deposit equal to the purchase Price. Most animals panic in battle. When combat begins, they become frightened 4 and fleeing as long as they're frightened. If you successfully Command your Animal using Nature, you can keep it from fleeing, though this doesn't remove its frightened condition. If the animal is attacked or damaged, it returns to frightened 4 and fleeing, with the same exceptions.

Warhorses and warponies are combat trained. They don't become frightened or fleeing during encounters in this way.

For purchasing other types of animals, click here.

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NameFamilyRental Price* (per day)Purchase Price
Hunting EagleBird8 sp per day8 gp
Messenger RavenBird8 cp per day4 gp
Guard DogDog1 cp per day2 sp
Riding DogDog6 cp per day4 gp
Service DogDog6 cp per day4 gp
Pack AnimalHorse2 cp per day2 gp
Riding HorseHorse1 sp per day8 gp
WarhorseHorse1 gp per day30 gp (level 2)
Riding PonyPony8 cp per day7 gp
WarponyPony8 sp per day24 gp (level 2)
* Might require a deposit equal to the purchase Price.