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PFS StandardThe Resentment

Source Player Core pg. 184
A single feeling radiated from your patron in the moment you met them, as palpable as heat from a fire: the desire to see every tall poppy felled and every proud nail hammered down, whether to righteously bring justice for small folk or the base urge to see the powerful defeated. Your patron is likely far from the upper echelons of its kind, such as a hag ousted from its coven or a quasi-divinity or a lower-rank demon. This leaves it only subtler and weaker tools to see its ends met: curses, hexes, and you.

Spell List occult
Patron Skill Occultism

Lesson of Strength's Impermanence Your patron has taught you that power can be taken much more easily that it can be built. You gain the evil eye hex cantrip and your familiar learns enfeeble.
Familiar of Ongoing Misery Your familiar seems hostile to all creatures other than you, hissing at them if they get too near. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, your familiar can curse a creature within 15 feet of it, prolonging the duration of any negative conditions affecting it by 1 round. This is a curse effect. This prolongs only conditions with a timed duration (such as “1 round” or “until the end of your next turn”) and doesn't prevent conditions from being removed by other means.