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Aftermath Feats

Source Dark Archive pg. 55
Aftermath feats, which are always rare, represent new powers causes by dangerous encounters with the weird and deadly. The prerequisite of an aftermath feat can be met only at a dramatic moment in your story— slitting the throat of a drowsy drake in a random encounter likely won't awaken any latent abilities, but defeating a mighty dragon at the end of a long, heroic journey just might. A fool who runs around dousing themself in the blood of every dragon they slay is more likely to contract some sort of disease than manifest a new power.

Every aftermath feat is a class feat but can be taken by a character of any class, provided the character has gone through the unlikely ordeal that unlocks it. The feat gains the appropriate trait for the class of the character who selected it. If an appropriate story event occurs that fits the prerequisites of an aftermath feat of your level or lower, the GM might permit you to immediately retrain a class feat into the appropriate aftermath feat. An aftermath feat isn't something you can typically remove once you have one, so you can't retrain it in the normal manner. The GM might determine a specific quest or other procedure you could use to remove the aftermath feat.

Click here for the full rules on Aftermath Feats.

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