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PFS StandardThe Inscribed One

Source Player Core pg. 184
No words passed your patron's lips in the moment you met; instead, words and glyphs danced across their skin while symbols and numbers swam in the depths of their eyes, spelling out their will in a torrent of words and wisdom. Your patron might be a powerful archmage, or even one of their abandoned artifacts, searching for a successor.

Spell List arcane
Patron Skill Arcana

Lesson of Glyph's Supremacy Your patron teaches that the written word can accomplish so much more than it seems. You gain the discern secrets hex and your familiar learns runic weapon.
Familiar of Flowing Script Your familiar is covered in a pattern that looks similar to letters in an unknown language, one that seems to draw attention even as it eludes understanding. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, the letters begin to rapidly change, causing a distraction. Until the start of your next turn, your familiar can provide flanking for you and your allies as though it were able to attack and had a reach of 5 feet; this is a visual effect.