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Advanced Player's Guide

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Latest Errata 2.0 - 4/13/2022
Release Date 7/30/2020
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These entries have been updated with errata released on 4/13/2022

Ancestries [10]

Aasimar, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Duskwalker, Kobold, Orc, Ratfolk, Tengu, Tiefling

Ancestry Heritages [30]

Aasimar, Badlands Orc, Cavern Kobold, Changeling, Clawed Catfolk, Deep Orc, Deep Rat, Desert Rat, Dhampir, Dragonscaled Kobold, Duskwalker, Hold-Scarred Orc, Hunting Catfolk, Jinxed Halfling, Jinxed Tengu, Jungle Catfolk, Longsnout Rat, Mountainkeeper Tengu, Nine Lives Catfolk, Rainfall Orc, Sewer Rat, Shadow Rat, Skyborn Tengu, Spellscale Kobold, Stormtossed Tengu, Strongjaw Kobold, Taloned Tengu, Tiefling, Venomtail Kobold, Winter Catfolk

Animal Companions [8]

Ape, Arboreal Sapling, Bat, Boar, Crocodile, Riding Drake, Scorpion, Shark

Arcane Thesis [1]

Staff Nexus

Archetypes [42]

Acrobat, Archaeologist, Archer, Assassin, Bastion, Beastmaster, Blessed One, Bounty Hunter, Cavalier, Celebrity, Dandy, Dragon Disciple, Dual-Weapon Warrior, Duelist, Eldritch Archer, Familiar Master, Gladiator, Herbalist, Horizon Walker, Investigator, Linguist, Loremaster, Marshal, Martial Artist, Mauler, Medic, Oracle, Pirate, Poisoner, Ritualist, Scout, Scroll Trickster, Scrounger, Sentinel, Shadowdancer, Snarecrafter, Swashbuckler, Talisman Dabbler, Vigilante, Viking, Weapon Improviser, Witch

Backgrounds [25]

Amnesiac, Bandit, Barber, Blessed, Bookkeeper, Cook, Courier, Cultist, Cursed, Feral Child, Feybound, Haunted, Insurgent, Outrider, Pilgrim, Refugee, Returned, Root Worker, Royalty, Scavenger, Servant, Squire, Tax Collector, Teacher, Ward

Bloodlines [4]

Genie, Nymph, Psychopomp, Shadow

Champion Causes [3]

Antipaladin, Desecrator, Tyrant

Champion Tenets [1]


Classes [4]

Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler, Witch

Class Kits [4]

Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler, Witch

Class Sample Builds [7]

Chemist (Investigator), Coroner (Investigator), Fencer (Swashbuckler), Flame Augur (Oracle), Gymnast (Swashbuckler), Hedge Witch (Witch), Lifebringer (Oracle)

Equipment [167]

Antler Arrow, Balisse Feather, Basilisk Eye, Blight Bomb, Blight Bomb (Greater), Blight Bomb (Lesser), Blight Bomb (Major), Blight Bomb (Moderate), Bloodhound Mask, Bloodhound Mask (Greater), Bloodhound Mask (Lesser), Bloodhound Mask (Moderate), Brass Ear, Candle of Invocation, Candle of Revealing, Cerulean Scourge, Concealed Sheath, Corrosive Ammunition, Crystal Shards, Crystal Shards (Greater), Crystal Shards (Major), Crystal Shards (Moderate), Detective's Kit, Drakeheart Mutagen, Drakeheart Mutagen (Greater), Drakeheart Mutagen (Lesser), Drakeheart Mutagen (Major), Drakeheart Mutagen (Moderate), Dread Ampoule, Dread Ampoule (Greater), Dread Ampoule (Lesser), Dread Ampoule (Major), Dread Ampoule (Moderate), Dueling Cape, Dust of Corpse Animation, Dust of Corpse Animation (Greater), Earthglide Cloak, Earthsight Box, Engulfing Snare, Envisioning Mask, Exploding Shield, Fearsome, Fearsome (Greater), Fire-Jump Ring, Flare Snare, Focus Cathartic, Focus Cathartic (Greater), Focus Cathartic (Lesser), Focus Cathartic (Major), Focus Cathartic (Moderate), Forensic Dye, Four-Ways Dogslicer, Freezing Ammunition, Gecko Potion, Ghost Charge, Ghost Charge (Greater), Ghost Charge (Lesser), Ghost Charge (Major), Ghost Charge (Moderate), Ghost Ink, Glamorous Buckler, Hellfire Boots, Incense of Distilled Death, Infiltrator's Accessory, Leadenleg, Lover's Gloves, Mask of the Banshee, Mask of the Banshee (Greater), Medusa's Scream, Medusa's Scream (Greater), Nauseating Snare, Net, Oil of Object Animation, Oil of Object Animation (Greater), Oil of Revelation, Oil of Unlife, Oil of Unlife (Greater), Oil of Unlife (Lesser), Oil of Unlife (Major), Oil of Unlife (Minor), Oil of Unlife (Moderate), Olfactory Obfuscator, Olfactory Obfuscator (Greater), Origin Unguent, Parrying Scabbard, Periscope, Potion of Disguise, Potion of Disguise (Greater), Potion of Disguise (Lesser), Potion of Disguise (Moderate), Potion of Expeditious Retreat, Potion of Retaliation, Potion of Retaliation (Greater), Potion of Retaliation (Lesser), Potion of Retaliation (Major), Potion of Retaliation (Minor), Potion of Retaliation (Moderate), Potion of Shared Memories, Predictable Silver Piece, Ration Tonic, Ration Tonic (Greater), Ready, Ready (Greater), Rod of Cancellation, Rope of Climbing, Rope of Climbing (Greater), Rope of Climbing (Lesser), Rope of Climbing (Moderate), Shielding Salve, Sinew-Shock Serum, Sinew-Shock Serum (Greater), Sinew-Shock Serum (Lesser), Sinew-Shock Serum (Major), Sinew-Shock Serum (Moderate), Skinstitch Salve, Slates of Distant Letters, Sleeves of Storage, Sleeves of Storage (Greater), Snagging Hook Snare, Sovereign Glue, Spellguard Blade, Spiritsight Crossbow, Staff of Impossible Visions, Staff of Impossible Visions (Greater), Staff of Impossible Visions (Major), Staff of Impossible Visions (True), Staff of Nature's Vengeance, Staff of Nature's Vengeance (Greater), Staff of Nature's Vengeance (Major), Staff of Providence, Staff of Providence (Greater), Staff of Providence (Major), Staff of Providence (True), Terrifying Ammunition, Time Shield Potion, Timeless Salts, Universal Solvent, Universal Solvent (Greater), Universal Solvent (Major), Universal Solvent (Moderate), Urn of Ashes, Victory Plate, Victory Plate (Greater), Walking Cauldron, Wand of Crackling Lightning, Wand of Crackling Lightning (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Crackling Lightning (4th-Level Spell), Wand of Crackling Lightning (6th-Level Spell), Wand of Crackling Lightning (8th-Level Spell), Wand of Hopeless Night, Wand of Hopeless Night (2nd-Level Spell), Wand of Hopeless Night (4th-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life, Wand of Overflowing Life (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life (4th-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life (5th-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life (6th-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Overflowing Life (8th-Level Spell), Wand of the Snowfields, Wand of the Snowfields (5th-Level Spell), Wand of the Snowfields (7th-Level Spell), Wand of the Spider, Wand of the Spider (2nd-Level Spell), Wand of the Spider (4th-Level Spell), Winged, Winged (Greater)

Familiar Abilities [22]

Accompanist (familiar), Breath Weapon (familiar), Focused Rejuvenation (familiar), Imp Invisibility (familiar), Independent (familiar), Infernal Temptation (familiar), Innate Surge (master), Magic Scent (familiar), Master's Form (familiar), Ooze Defense (familiar), Partner in Crime (familiar), Plant Form (familiar), Poison Reservoir (familiar), Resistance (familiar), Share Senses (master), Skilled (familiar), Slime Rejuvenation (familiar), Spellcasting (familiar), Toolbearer (familiar), Touch Telepathy (familiar), Tough (familiar), Valet (familiar)

Familiars (Specific) [3]

Faerie Dragon, Imp, Spellslime

Feats [904]

A Home in Every Port, Aasimar's Mercy, Accelerating Touch, Acclimatization, Accompany, Accurate Flurry, Accursed Claws, Acquired Tolerance, Acrobat Dedication, Acrobatic Performer, Additional Companion, Additional Recollection, Additional Shadow Magic, Adrenaline Rush, Advanced Bow Training, Advanced Deduction, Advanced First Aid, Advanced Flair, Advanced General Training, Advanced Mysteries, Advanced Revelation, Advanced Witchcraft, Aerobatics Mastery, After You, Aggravating Scratch, Agile Maneuvers, Alchemical Discoveries, Align Ki, All in my Head, Ally's Shelter, Amplifying Touch, Analyze Idiolect, Analyze Weakness, Ancestral Blood Magic, Ancestral Linguistics, Ancestral Mage, Ancestral Suspicion, Ancestral Weaponry, Angel of Death, Angelic Magic, Angelkin, Animal Feature, Annotate Composition, Anoint Ally, Antagonize, Anticipate Ambush, Archaeologist Dedication, Archaeologist's Luck, Archer Dedication, Archer's Aim, Archon Magic, Armor Assist, Armor Specialist, Armored Rebuff, Armored Stealth, Arrow of Death, Assassin Dedication, Assassinate, Assured Identification, Assured Knowledge, Assured Ritualist, Athletic Might, Athletic Strategist, Attack of Opportunity, Aura of Despair, Aura of Preservation, Avalanche Strike, Avenge Ally, Azata Magic, Back to Back, Barreling Charge, Bashing Charge, Basic Deduction, Basic Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Basic Flair, Basic Lesson, Basic Mysteries, Basic Oracle Spellcasting, Basic Scroll Cache, Basic Witch Spellcasting, Basic Witchcraft, Bastion Dedication, Battle Planner, Beast Trainer, Beastmaster Bond, Beastmaster Dedication, Beastmaster's Call, Beastmaster's Trance, Bespell Weapon, Between the Scales, Big Mouth, Biographical Eye, Black Cat Curse, Blaze of Revelation, Bleeding Finisher, Blessed Blood (Aasimar), Blessed Denial, Blessed One Dedication, Blessed Sacrifice, Blessed Spell, Blind-Fight, Blood Component Substitution, Bloodletting Fangs, Bloodline Mutation, Bloody Blows, Bloody Debilitation, Bon Mot, Boneyard's Call, Bounce Back, Bounty Hunter Dedication, Breath of the Dragon, Brine May, Buckler Dance, Buckler Expertise, Bullseye, Cackle, Cadence Call, Call and Response, Call Bonded Item, Call Your Shot, Called, Callow May, Cantrip Expansion, Caravan Leader, Caterwaul, Catfolk Lore, Catfolk Weapon Expertise, Catfolk Weapon Familiarity, Catfolk Weapon Rake, Cat's Luck, Cauldron, Cautious Curiosity, Cavalier Dedication, Cavalier's Banner, Cavalier's Charge, Celebrity Dedication, Celestial Eyes, Celestial Lore, Celestial Resistance, Celestial Strikes, Celestial Wings, Celestial Word, Changeling Lore, Charmed Life, Cheat Death, Cheek Pouches, Chemical Contagion, Claws of the Dragon, Clear the Way, Clever Gambit, Climbing Claws, Cling, Clinging Shadows Initiate, Clue Them All In, Cobra Envenom, Cobra Stance, Combat Assessment, Combat Reading, Combination Finisher, Command Attention, Conceal Spell, Concealing Legerdemain, Conceited Mindset, Connect the Dots, Consult the Spirits, Consume Spell, Contortionist, Convincing Illusion, Coordinated Charge, Corrupted Shield, Counterspell, Courageous Advance, Courageous Assault, Courageous Onslaught, Courageous Opportunity, Crafter's Appraisal, Criminal Connections, Cringe, Crossbow Terror, Crude Communication, Cruelty, Current Spell, Cut from the Air, Daemon Magic, Dance Underfoot, Dandy Dedication, Dazing Blow, Deadly Grace, Deadly Strikes, Death's Drums, Debilitating Dichotomy, Deceptive Worship, Deeper Dabbler, Defend Mount, Defensive Coordination, Defy the Darkness, Deimatic Display, Demolition Charge, Demon Magic, Derring-Do, Desperate Prayer, Destructive Block, Detective's Readiness, Determined Dash, Devil Magic, Didactic Strike, Directed Audience, Disarming Assault, Disarming Block, Disarming Flair, Disciple's Breath, Discordant Voice, Discreet Inquiry, Disorienting Opening, Distracting Flattery, Distracting Performance, Disturbing Knowledge, Diverse Mystery, Diverting Vortex, Divine Access, Divine Aegis, Divine Countermeasures, Divine Effusion, Diviner Sense, Doctor's Visitation, Dodge Away, Dodging Roll, Domain Acumen, Domain Fluency, Doublespeak, Dracomancer, Draconic Arrogance, Draconic Scent, Dragging Strike, Dragon Arcana, Dragon Disciple Dedication, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Presence, Dread Marshal Stance, Dream May, Dual Finisher, Dual Onslaught, Dual Thrower, Dual-Weapon Blitz, Dual-Weapon Reload, Dual-Weapon Warrior Dedication, Dueling Dance (Swashbuckler), Dueling Parry (Swashbuckler), Duelist Dedication, Duelist's Challenge, Duskwalker Lore, Duskwalker Magic, Dwarven Doughtiness, Dwarven Reinforcement, Earned Glory, Earworm, Eat Fortune, Ebb and Flow, Echoes in Stone, Echoing Spell, Eclectic Sword Training, Educate Allies, Efficient Rituals, Effortless Concentration, Elaborate Flourish, Eldritch Archer Dedication, Eldritch Debilitations, Eldritch Nails, Elemental Summons, Elite Dracomancer, Elucidating Mercy, Elven Aloofness, Embrace the Pain, Empathetic Plea, Empyreal Blessing, Enchanting Arrow, Endemic Herbs, Energetic Resonance, Energy Ablation, Energy Fusion, Energy Ward, Enforce Oath, Enhanced Familiar, Enigma's Knowledge, Enlarge Companion, Enthralling Allure, Entreat with Forebears, Ephemeral Tracking, Esoteric Oath, Eternal Wings (Aasimar), Evasiveness (Swashbuckler), Everyone's a Suspect, Exhort the Faithful, Expand Aura, Expanded Luck, Expert Backstabber, Expert Disassembler, Expert Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Expert Herbalism, Expert Oracle Spellcasting, Expert Poisoner, Expert Scroll Cache, Expert Witch Spellcasting, Express Rider, Extra Squishy, Eye for Numbers, Eye for Treasure, Eyes of the Night, Fabricated Connections, Familiar Conduit, Familiar Mascot, Familiar Master Dedication, Familiar's Eyes, Familiar's Language, Fancy Moves, Fangs, Far Throw, Felicitous Riposte, Ferocious Beasts, Fiendish Eyes, Fiendish Form, Fiendish Lore, Fiendish Mount, Fiendish Resistance, Fiendish Strikes, Fiendish Wings, Fiendish Word, Fiend's Door, Finishing Follow-Through, Finishing Precision, First Revelation, Flamboyant Athlete, Flamboyant Leap, Fleeting Shadow, Flensing Slice, Flexible Ritualist, Flexible Studies, Flinging Blow, Flying Blade, Focused Fascination, Focused Shot, Folksy Patter, Follow-Up Assault, Follow-Up Strike, Forcible Energy, Forensic Acumen, Foresee Danger, Forestall Curse, Form Lock, Form of the Bat, Form of the Fiend, Form Retention, Fresh Ingredients, Friendly Toss, Frightening Appearance, Furious Vengeance, Ghost Hunter, Giant Snare, Gladiator Dedication, Glean Contents, Glean Lore, Goading Feint, Gorilla Pound, Gorilla Stance, Gossip Lore, Graceful Leaper, Gravesight, Gravity Weapon, Great Tengu Form, Greater Cruelty, Greater Interpose, Greater Lesson, Greater Magical Edification, Greater Magical Scholastics, Greater Physical Evolution, Greater Revelation, Greater Spiritual Evolution, Grievous Blow, Grimspawn, Group Aid, Grovel, Gruesome Strike, Guardian's Deflection (Swashbuckler), Hag Claws, Hag Magic, Hag's Sight, Halo, Hammer Quake, Hardy Traveler, Head Stomp, Heal Animal, Heal Companion, Healing Bomb, Hellspawn, Herbalist Dedication, Heroic Presence, Hex Focus, Hex Master, Hex Wellspring, Hidden Magic, High-Quality Scrounger, Hireling Manager, Hold Mark, Holistic Care, Homeward Bound, Horizon Walker Dedication, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Hurling Charge, Hymn of Healing, Impaling Finisher, Impaling Thrust, Implausible Purchase (Investigator), Implausible Purchase (Rogue), Impossible Riposte, Impossible Snares, Impressive Landing, Impressive Mount, Improved Familiar (Familiar Master), Improved Familiar (Witch), Improvise Tool, Improvised Critical, Improvised Pummel, Improvised Repair, Incredible Beastmaster Companion, Incredible Familiar, Incredible Familiar (Familiar Master), Incredible Luck, Incredible Mount, Incredible Scout, Inexhaustible Countermoves, Influence Nature, Inner Strength, Inoculation, Inspired Stratagem, Inspiring Marshal Stance, Instinctive Obfuscation, Instinctive Strike, Instrument of Slaughter, Investigator Dedication, Investigator's Stratagem, Invigorating Mercy, Iron Fists, Iron Repercussions, Just One More Thing, Just the Facts, Keen Follower, Keen Recollection, Keep Pace, Ki Center, Ki Form, Kneecap, Know Your Own, Known Weaknesses, Kobold Breath, Kobold Lore, Lab Rat, Lawbringer, Lead Climber, Lead Investigator, Lead the Pack, Leading Dance, Legendary Guide, Legendary Rider, Leshy Familiar Secrets, Lethal Finisher, Lie Detector, Life Leap, Lifesense, Light from Darkness, Light Paws, Lightslayer Oath, Linguist Dedication, Litany of Depravity, Litany of Self-Interest, Living Hair, Loaner Spell, Long-Nosed Form, Loremaster Dedication, Loud Singer, Mage Hunter, Magic Arrow, Magic Hands, Magic Hide, Magic Rider, Magic Sense, Magical Adaptation, Magical Edification, Magical Scholastics, Major Lesson, Makeshift Strike, Malicious Bane, Many Guises, Marshal Dedication, Martial Artist Dedication, Martial Experience, Martial Performance, Martyr, Master Eldritch Archer Spellcasting, Master Oracle Spellcasting, Master Scroll Cache, Master Spotter (Investigator), Master Witch Spellcasting, Mature Beastmaster Companion, Mauler Dedication, Medic Dedication, Medusa's Wrath, Mesmerizing Gaze, Methodical Debilitations, Mighty Bulwark, Mighty Dragon Shape, Minion Guise, Miraculous Possibility, Mist Child, Mobile Finisher, Monastic Archer Stance, Mounted Shield, Mug, Multilingual Cipher, Murksight, Musetouched, Mutable Familiar, Mysterious Breadth, Mysterious Repertoire, Mystery Conduit, Necromantic Physiology, Never Tire, Night Magic, Nimble Dodge, Nimble Hooves, Nimble Roll, Nimble Shield Hand, No Cause for Alarm, Nocturnal Sense, Nonlethal Spell, Occult Resistance, Ode to Ouroboros, One for All, One-Inch Punch, One-Millimeter Punch, One-Toed Hop, Ongoing Investigation, Ongoing Selfishness, Ongoing Strategy, Opportunistic Grapple, Oracle Dedication, Oracular Providence, Oracular Warning, Orc Lore, Orthographic Mastery, Otherworldly Acumen, Overcrowd, Overextending Feint, Overpowering Charge, Oversized Throw, Overwhelming Blow, Overwhelming Breath, Pack Rat, Pale Horse, Panache Paragon, Paradoxical Mystery, Parry and Riposte, Parting Shot, Party Crasher, Path of Iron, Patron's Breadth, Patron's Truth, Peafowl Stance, Peafowl Strut, Penetrating Projectile, Perfect Finisher, Performative Weapons Training, Perpetual Breadth, Perpetual Scout, Phase Arrow, Phonetic Training, Pick up the Pace, Pied Piping, Pilgrim's Token, Pinch Time, Pinning Fire, Pinpoint Poisoner, Pirate Dedication, Pirate Weapon Training, Pitborn, Plant Evidence, Play to the Crowd, Plentiful Snares, Plot the Future, Poison Coat, Poisoner Dedication, Poisoner's Twist, Portentous Spell, Posse, Poultice Preparation, Prairie Rider, Precious Arrow, Precise Finisher, Predictable!, Predictive Purchase (Investigator), Predictive Purchase (Rogue), Premonition of Avoidance, Premonition of Clarity, Preparation, Prescient Consumable, Prescient Planner, Prevailing Position, Primal Aegis, Pristine Weapon, Project Persona, Quick Change, Quick Contacts, Quick Fix, Quick Mount, Quick Shot, Quick Stow (Ratfolk), Quick Study, Quickened Casting, Radiant Infusion, Rallying Charge, Rampaging Ferocity, Ranger's Bramble, Rapid Affixture, Rapid Response, Rat Familiar, Rat Form, Rat Magic, Ratfolk Lore, Ratspeak, Razzle-Dazzle, Reach Spell, Reactive Transformation, Read Disaster, Read Shibboleths, Reason Rapidly, Rebounding Toss, Reckless Abandon (Goblin), Reconstruct the Scene, Red Herring, Reflect Spell, Reflexive Riposte, Rejuvenating Touch, Relentless Wings, Reliable Luck, Remediate, Remote Trigger, Resilient Touch, Resist Ruin, Resounding Blow, Resounding Bravery, Resounding Finale, Resourceful Ritualist, Resuscitate, Return Fire, Returning Throw, Reverberate, Reverse Engineering, Ricochet Feint, Ricochet Stance (Fighter), Ricochet Stance (Rogue), Risky Surgery, Rites of Convocation, Rites of Transfiguration, Ritual Researcher, Ritualist Dedication, Root Magic, Rope Runner, Sacred Defender, Sacrifice Armor, Safe House, Safeguarded Spell, Scales of the Dragon, Scalpel's Point, Scamper, Scavenger's Search, Scholastic Identification, Schooled in Secrets, Scintillating Spell, Scouring Rage, Scout Dedication, Scout's Charge, Scout's Pounce, Scout's Speed, Scroll Trickster Dedication, Scrounger Dedication, Seasoned, Second Chance Spell, Second Shield, Seeker Arrow, Selfless Parry, Sense Allies, Sense Good, Sense the Unseen, Sentinel Dedication, Settlement Scholastics, Shadow Illusion, Shadow Magic, Shadow Mark, Shadow Master, Shadow Power, Shadow Self, Shadow Sneak Attack, Shadowdancer Dedication, Shadow's Web, Shape of the Dragon, Shared Assault, Shared Avoidance, Shared Clarity, Shared Luck (Catfolk), Shared Stratagem, Shattering Blows, Shattering Strike (Weapon Improviser), Sheltering Slab, Shield of Faith, Shield Salvation, Shooting Stars Stance, Shove Down, Shoving Sweep, Signature Spell Expansion, Silencing Strike, Siphon Power, Skill Mastery (Investigator), Skillful Tail, Skim Scroll, Skitter, Slag May, Smash from the Air, Smite Good, Snap Out of It! (Marshal), Snare Genius, Snare Hopping, Snare Setter, Snarecrafter Dedication, Soaring Flight, Social Purview, Solid Lead, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Soothing Mist, Soulsight, Sow Spell, Specialized Beastmaster Companion, Specialized Mount, Speedy Rituals, Spell Devourer, Spell Mastery, Spell Relay, Spell Shroud, Spellbook Prodigy, Spirit Soother, Spirit Strikes, Spiritual Guides, Spiritual Sense, Split Hex, Split Shot, Split Slot, Spot Translate, Springing Leaper, Squawk!, Stage Fighting, Startling Appearance (Vigilante), Stay Down!, Steady Spellcasting, Steal Spell, Steel Skin, Steel Yourself!, Step Lively, Sticky Poison, Stone Bones, Stonegate, Storm's Lash, Strategic Assessment, Strategic Bypass, Straveika, Strong Arm, Stubborn Persistence, Student of the Dueling Arts, Stumbling Feint, Stumbling Stance, Stunning Appearance, Stunning Finisher, Subjective Truth, Subtle Delivery, Summon Celestial Kin, Summon Fiendish Kin, Sunder Enchantment, Sunder Spell, Supernatural Senses, Supertaster, Sure Foot, Surging Focus, Surging Might, Surprise Attack, Surprise Snare, Surprise Strike, Suspect of Opportunity, Svetocher, Swaggering Initiative, Swashbuckler Dedication, Swashbuckler's Riposte, Swashbuckler's Speed, Swift Elusion, Symphony of Blood, Symphony of the Unfettered Heart, Tactical Cadence, Tactical Entry, Takedown Expert, Talisman Dabbler Dedication, Talismanic Sage, Tangle of Battle, Target of Opportunity, Targeting Finisher, Telluric Power, Temporary Potions, Tenacious Toxins, Tengu Lore, Tengu Weapon Expertise, Tengu Weapon Familiarity, Tengu Weapon Study, Terraforming Spell, Terrain Scout, Terrain Transposition, Terrifying Resistance, That's Odd, The Harder They Fall (Rogue), Thorough Research, Thorough Search, Through Spell, Tinkering Fingers, To Battle!, Tools of the Trade, Topple Foe, Toppling Dance, Trampling Charge, Trap Finder, Treat Condition, Tree Climber (Elf), Triangle Shot, Trickster's Ace, Triumphant Inspiration, True Perception, Tumble Behind (Rogue), Tumble Behind (Swashbuckler), Tumbling Opportunist, Tumbling Strike, Tusks, Twin Distraction, Twin Parry, Twinned Defense (Swashbuckler), Twitchy, Ultimate Flexibility, Ultimate Polymath, Unbalancing Finisher, Unbalancing Sweep, Undead Slayer, Underground Network, Underhanded Assault, Underworld Investigator, Undying Ferocity, Unhampered Passage, Unseat, Unstable Concoction, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Vampire Lore, Vandal, Verdant Weapon, Vexing Tumble, Vicious Incisors, Vicious Vengeance, Vigilante Dedication, Vigorous Inspiration, Viking Dedication, Viking Weapon Familiarity, Viking Weapon Specialist, Vile Desecration, Vision of Weakness, Vivacious Bravado, Voice of the Night, Walk the Plank, Wandering Oasis, Ward Against Corruption, Warden's Focus, Warden's Wellspring, Warren Digger, Warren Navigator, Wary Skulker, Watch Your Back, Water Sprint, Weapon Improviser Dedication, Well-Groomed, Well-Met Traveler, Well-Versed, Whirling Blade Stance, Whodunnit?, Widen Spell, Wild Strider, Wings of the Dragon, Witch Dedication, Witch's Bottle, Witch's Charge, Witch's Communion, Witch's Hut, Wortwitch, You're Next

Instincts [1]


Languages [1]


Lessons [10]

Lesson of Death, Lesson of Dreams, Lesson of Life, Lesson of Mischief, Lesson of Protection, Lesson of Renewal, Lesson of Shadow, Lesson of Snow, Lesson of the Elements, Lesson of Vengeance

Methodologies [4]

Alchemical Sciences, Empiricism, Forensic Medicine, Interrogation

Muses [1]


Mysteries [8]

Ancestors, Battle, Bones, Cosmos, Flames, Life, Lore, Tempest

Patron Themes [7]

Curse, Fate, Fervor, Night, Rune, Wild, Winter

Rackets [2]

Eldritch Trickster, Mastermind

Research Fields [1]


Rituals [13]

Astral Projection, Clone, Create Demiplane, Fantastic Facade, Heartbond, Heroes' Feast, Reincarnate, Rest Eternal, Simulacrum, Teleportation Circle, Unseen Custodians, Ward Domain, Word of Recall

Rules [7]

Chapter 1: Ancestries & Backgrounds, Chapter 2: Classes, Chapter 3: Archetypes, Chapter 4: Feats, Chapter 5: Spells, Chapter 6: Items, Introduction

Spells [149]

Access Lore, Agonizing Despair, Ancestral Defense, Ancestral Form, Ancestral Touch, Animal Feature, Animate Dead, Animate Rope, Animated Assault, Aqueous Orb, Armor of Bones, Battlefield Persistence, Beastmaster Trance, Bestial Curse, Blanket of Stars, Blinding Beauty, Blinding Fury, Blister, Blistering Invective, Blood Vendetta, Blood Ward, Brain Drain, Cackle, Call to Arms, Chameleon Coat, Charitable Urge, Chilling Spray, Chroma Leach, Claim Undead, Clinging Ice, Clinging Shadows Stance, Consuming Darkness, Countless Eyes, Cozy Cabin, Crashing Wave, Curse of Death, Curse of Lost Time, Dance of Darkness, Debilitating Dichotomy, Deceiver's Cloak, Déjà Vu, Delay Affliction, Dim the Light, Discern Secrets, Dismantle, Dread Secret, Dull Ambition, Elemental Betrayal, Enervation, Enlarge Companion, Ephemeral Tracking, Establish Ward, Evil Eye, Familiar's Face, Final Sacrifice, Flaming Fusillade, Force Cage, Fungal Infestation, Genie's Veil, Ghostly Tragedy, Gravity Weapon, Grisly Growths, Heal Companion, Heart's Desire, Heat Metal, Heroic Feat, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Hymn of Healing, Ice Storm, Ill Omen, Impaling Spike, Imprint Message, Incendiary Aura, Indestructibility, Interstellar Void, Invisible Item, Ki Form, Life Boost, Life Link, Life-Giving Form, Lightning Storm, Litany of Depravity, Litany of Self-Interest, Mad Monkeys, Magic Hide, Magic Stone, Malicious Shadow, Medusa's Wrath, Moonlight Bridge, Needle of Vengeance, Noxious Vapors, Nudge Fate, Nymph's Token, Object Reading, Ode to Ouroboros, Personal Blizzard, Pet Cache, Phantasmal Treasure, Phase Familiar, Pied Piping, Pummeling Rubble, Quench, Ranger's Bramble, Reaper's Lantern, Restorative Moment, Rusting Grasp, Safe Passage, Scintillating Safeguard, Sculpt Sound, Seal Fate, Secret Chest, Sepulchral Mask, Shadow Illusion, Shadow Jump, Shadow's Web, Shepherd of Souls, Shroud of Night, Snare Hopping, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Soothing Mist, Soul Siphon, Spike Stones, Spirit Sense, Spirit Veil, Spray of Stars, Steal Shadow, Stoke the Heart, Strange Geometry, Sudden Blight, Summon Instrument, Symphony of the Unfettered Heart, Tempest Form, Tempest Touch, Terrain Transposition, Thoughtful Gift, Threefold Aspect, Thunderburst, Touch of Corruption, Transmute Rock and Mud, Vampiric Maiden, Veil of Dreams, Vision of Weakness, Vomit Swarm, Wall of Flesh, Whirling Flames, Wilding Word, Wish-Twisted Form

Swashbuckler Styles [5]

Battledancer, Braggart, Fencer, Gymnast, Wit

Traits [21]

Aasimar (Monster), Catfolk (Monster), Changeling (Monster), Concealable (Weapon), Cursebound (Class-Specific), Dhampir (Monster), Duskwalker (Monster), Finisher (Class-Specific), Hex (Class-Specific), Investigator (Class), Kobold (Monster), Lineage, Oracle (Class), Ranged Trip (Weapon), Ratfolk (Monster), Social (Class-Specific), Swashbuckler (Class), Tengu (Monster), Tiefling (Monster), Vigilante (Class-Specific), Witch (Class)

Weapons [7]

Bola, Claw Blade, Daikyu, Khakkara, Sword Cane, Tengu Gale Blade, Wakizashi