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Process Hidden Fees

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 36
Nethys note: this activity requires that Jubilost is the Treasurer and is at least friendly

With Jubilost's aid, you can process additional taxes, fees, and payments. Attempt a basic Trade check to determine what sorts of additional resources you gather.

Critical Success You gain 2 bonus Resource Dice at the start of your next Kingdom turn.
Success You gain 1 bonus Resource Die at the start of your next Kingdom turn, but the citizens suspect something is going on: if you attempt to Process Hidden Fees on the next Kingdom turn, the result is worsened one degree.
Failure As success, but the citizens catch wind of the fees and grow unhappy. Gain 1 Unrest, and you cannot Process Hidden Fees on your next Kingdom turn.
Critical Failure As failure, but gain 1d6 Unrest.