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Rest and Relax (Untrained)

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 521

Skill Uses

[Arts] Rest and Relax
[Boating] Rest and Relax
[Scholarship] Rest and Relax
[Trade] Rest and Relax
[Wilderness] Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 521
Working non-stop can burn out even the most devoted and dedicated individual. As such, it's important to take time for yourself, and thus set a good example for the nation.

You take time to relax, and you extend the chance to unwind to your citizens as well. The Kingdom skill you use to determine the effectiveness of your time off depends on how you want to spend it: Use a basic Arts check to spend the time engaged in entertainment or the pursuit of a hobby. Use a basic Boating check to enjoy trips on the lakes and rivers of your kingdom. Use a basic Scholarship check to spend the time reading or studying a topic of personal interest beyond your daily duties. Use a basic Trade check to spend your time shopping or feasting. Use a basic Wilderness check to get away from the bustle and relax in the countryside. If your kingdom Rested and Relaxed the previous Kingdom turn, the DC increases by 4, as your kingdom's production and output hasn't had a chance to catch up to all those vacation days.

Critical Success The citizens enjoy the time off and are ready to get back to work. Reduce Unrest by 1, and the next Leadership activity you take gains a +2 circumstance bonus.
Success The time spent relaxing has calmed nerves; reduce Unrest by 1.
Failure The rest is welcome, but not particularly beneficial in the long term.
Critical Failure The time is wasted, and when you get back to work, you have to spend extra time catching up. Take a –2 circumstance penalty to your next skill check made as a Leadership activity