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Defense (Stability)

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 522
Defense measures the kingdom’s ability to police and protect itself and its citizens from bandits, monsters, criminals, outside incursions, and pestilence or plague, but not natural disasters (see Wilderness on page 530). It includes both physical fortifications and barriers as well as dedicated individuals guarding the land.

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Defense Untrained Actions

Fortify Hex

Downtime Region 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 523
Requirements The target hex must be claimed by your kingdom and must not have a settlement in it.
Your command your engineers to construct a protected encampment, such as a fort or barbican, to serve as a defensive post in the hex. Spend RP as determined by the hex's most inhospitable terrain (see the Building on Rough Terrain sidebar on page 519). Then attempt a basic check. A fortified hex grants an additional bonus in warfare (see Appendix 3), but also gives traveling PCs a place to rest that prevents wandering monsters from interrupting their rest.

Critical Success You find a defensible position for your fortification and finish construction efficiently. Gain a refund of half the RP you spent to build in the hex, then reduce Unrest by 1.
Success You establish your fortification in the hex. Reduce Unrest by 1.
Failure You fail to fortify the hex.
Critical Failure Your attempt ends in disaster. Not only do you fail to build a structure, but you lose several workers to an accident, banditry, a vicious monster, or some other unforeseen occurrence. Gain 1 Unrest.

Provide Care

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 523
Attempt a basic check to organize and encourage your settlements' healers, apothecaries, medics, and other caregivers to provide care and support for citizens in need.

Critical Success You provide unexpectedly compassionate support for the people. Reduce Unrest by 1 and reduce one Ruin of your choice by 1.
Success Your care soothes the worries and fears of the populace; reduce Unrest by 1.
Failure You don't provide any notable care for the citizens, but at least you don't make things worse.
Critical Failure Your attempt to provide care backfires. Increase your Unrest or a Ruin of your choice by 1.