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PFS StandardTalisman Esoterica Feat 2

Legacy Content

Esoterica Thaumaturge 
Source Dark Archive pg. 43

You know how to assemble the supernatural objects in your esoterica into a number of temporary talismans. Each day during your daily preparations, you can make two talismans with an item level no higher than half your level. You must know each talisman's formula. A talisman created this way is a temporary item and loses its magic the next time you make your daily preparations.

You know the formulas for all common talismans in the Core Rulebook of your level or lower. You remember your talisman formulas through oral tradition or mnemonics, so you don't need a formula book for them.

Talisman Esoterica Leads To...

Elaborate Talisman Esoterica, Grand Talisman Esoterica



The esoterica trait is present in many thaumaturge feats and class features that incorporate the various talismans, supernatural trinkets, and other objects you carry with you. Abilities that have the esoterica trait require you to be in possession of your esoterica to use them. Normally, you're assumed to always have your esoterica with you, but in some rare circumstances, you might either not have them on hand or have your gear stripped from you.