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Source Book of the Dead pg. 72
Sometimes you might need to create a creature with undead attributes in a hurry. Like the elite and weak adjustments detailed in each Bestiary, the following special adjustments can be used to quickly customize any creature into an undead.

As with any adjustments, these changes are meant to be fast, not comprehensive. It's best to check whether the adjustment breaks the creature in combat. For example, a creature with an important 3-action ability won't work well with zombie adjustments due to the slow ability. On the other hand, an adjustment lending a fly Speed to a creature with powerful ranged attacks might make the creature too able to harry the PCs from the air, especially at low levels.

The undead adjustments below work for turning a creature into a type of undead that doesn't fall into any of the major undead categories, and the adjustments after that mimic more specific varieties of undead.

Undead Adjustments

This creature is a reanimated corpse.