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Source Book of the Dead pg. 72
Ghoul creatures are typically hairless and gaunt with blue or purple skin and pointed ears.
  • Add the ghoul and undead traits.
  • Add the following immunities: death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, unconscious.
  • Decrease all saving throw modifiers by 1.
  • Add the paralysis ability to the creature's jaws, fangs, or similar unarmed attack. If the creature doesn't have one, add one with the same attack and damage as its strongest melee attack.
  • Add the following abilities.
    Negative Healing
    Paralysis (occult, necromancy) When the creature gets a critical hit with its jaws against a living, non-elf foe of the creature's level or lower, the foe is paralyzed until the end of the foe's next turn.
    Swift Leap [one-action] (move) The creature jumps up to half its Speed. This movement doesn't trigger reactions.